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A Hope & A Confidence Given

January 20th, 2009

Today we visited Uganda Christian University where 153 Leadership Development Program students attend. LDP is the last phase of the Compassion process where the cream of the crop are selected to attend the university free of charge. A HUGE deal.

There I sat with many of those students who lived in living situations like I saw yesterday… one room houses with mud floors and usually at least 5 people living there. I can honestly say that at my house our bathroom is larger than some people’s whole houses. Yet, here are these students with hope, a vision and passion in their eyes. They’ve refused to let their past dictate where they want their future to take them. However, this didn’t come “naturally.” This came with the encouragement and help of Compassion staff and their sponsors.

Many of these students shared how they had such low self-esteem before being admitted to their respective Compassion Project. But through the daily encouragement of the staff at their project and even more impressive the letters from their sponsors telling them that they were praying for them, that they believed in them and that God had great plans for them. If you are a sponsor, I want to encourage you to continue writing to your child. It makes a world of a difference. They truly take your words to heart.

Now these students are passionate about affecting change in their own community. Each LDP student is expected to spend time at the village they came from, giving back to their community and the Compassion project they attended. Giving inspiration and hope to those children, showing them that life can be different. Showing that this outcome is possible for you too!

Uganda was the first country in Africa to implement the LDP program. There are currently 1,800 LDP students worldwide and 300 of them are in Uganda.

Not only are these students filled with vision and hope but an immense amount of gratitude. So thankful for the ways that God has opened doors and provided for them. One girl even told me how she often lays in bed at night just smiling thinking of the goodness of God… Wow.

God is faithful and true to bring about his purposes and intentions and today was the perfect example of that.


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