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Traveling Saturday: A Zillion Thoughts

September 23rd, 2010

STACEY GAGNE – I have had a zillion thoughts going through my head as I prepare for leaving on Saturday for Addis Ababa with Compassion International!   What do I pack?   What do I wear?  How do I work certain equipment I’ll be using.  Some thoughts run deeper than others…

  • The icon I will be clicking on every time I send a report home to our WJTL server … is a rubber duckie.  That makes me smile.
  • I will have hours upon hours on the plane to read,  listen to my current favorite podcast (Two Gomers Run a Marathon), watch movies, write, pray, meet people… and who knows what else… oh sleep, maybe?
  • I am going to be VERY far away.
  • When I got my passport for the first time (THIS year), I had no idea I was going on this trip.
  • I remembered the experience I had at our church missions conference this year and knowing that it was time for me to get on the move… again this was before I knew I was going to Ethiopia.

I watched Ashlea’s videos from her Uganda trip today and cried … re-realizing that I get to go and meet some beautiful beautiful children and people in Ethiopia.  This was the thing that I was excited about in the first place.    I will experience their culture,  learn about some of their trials, and opportunities that can be made available to them through Compassion … and play with them.  I also have the amazing opportunity and responsibility to communicate my experiences with Compassion to you, the listener.  Wow.

Tune in next week as I report live from Ethiopia!!! I am certain that it will be an experience that impacts my life and my prayer is that will in turn impact your life and the life of a child, too.

Stacey M. Gagne

Excited to Experience Compassion in Ethiopia

  1. Madeline W.
    September 25th, 2010 at 20:29 | #1

    Im sure you will have a great time!!!!!!! i lived in Nigeria, Africa when i was 4-6 years old when my mom and dad felt that God was calling them there. I remember me and my brother being afraid that we would be eaten by crodiles!!! Little did we know that the only times we would be near crocs was when we were at the hotsprings called yankari!!:) And then they only came out at night whenwe were in bed!!! i dont remember much about Africa but i know i would LOVE to go back sometime if God wills it!!! one thing i remember is smelling the rain before it came. Also, that me and my brother called August flood season because it rained so much!! i remember that my favorite things were climbing trees and rocks and my least favorite things were the army ants!!!:) our first month there i walked into a nest of army ants and just stood there crying till my dad came and picked me up out of the nest. After that i wore rubber boots for the next 6 months!!!

    I will be praying for you!!!

    Jesus paid it all!!!

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