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Purple Door Volunteers!

ann : July 23, 2010 10:17 am : Ann D'Alessandro

Purple Door Volunteers!
You have about one more week to volunteer for Purple Door 2010 coming up Aug. 13th & 14th!  Staff applications need to be done by Aug. 1st.  This is a great way to attend and be a part of the festival.  We especially need help with tear down Saturday Night & Sunday!
It takes about 300 dedicated volunteers to make Purple Door run smoothly. We need people like you to volunteer their time before, during, and after the festival in areas like set-up, security, merchandising, traffic, and clean-up, just to name a few. If you are interested, please fill out the staff application.
If you sign up to help with TEAR DOWN, please make sure you select whether you can help Saturday Night or Sunday or BOTH!!!

Thanks & Hope To See You At Purple Door 2010!!!

Ann D’Alessandro- Preparing For Purple Door Mania!


WJTL Volunteers Needed!

ann : July 6, 2010 5:04 pm : Ann D'Alessandro


Have you always wanted to know a little more about WJTL and what we do?  Would you like to come and help out with some of our events?  Do you like to interact with people and serve others?  Well, then we need you!  WJTL is always doing live remotes in the community and we need help manning the WJTL Table.  You can find out where we will be by looking at the Events page on WJTL.com. (WJTL Events in Red & Kids Cookie Break Events in Blue)

If you have some free time and think this would be something that you would enjoy, please go to the website and fill out the WJTL Volunteer Application.

“If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last and the servant of all.” Mark 9:35

Let me know if you have any questions!
Ann D’Alessandro –

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Creation Festival!!!

ann : June 18, 2010 10:12 am : Ann D'Alessandro

So, June is flying by, and it is that time of the year already!!! I am a pretty big Creation fan and look forward to it every year! My favorite memories were of seeing Mylon & Broken Heart – probably my favorite Christian band of all time!!! I also enjoyed seeing Margaret Becker, DC Talk, Caedmon’s Call, Geoff Moore & The Distance, Rich Mullins and so many more!!! Here is a short list of who I am looking forward to seeing this year:
SWITCHFOOT – Main Stage – Wednesday night at 9:20PM
They always have an entertaining and energetic show – love this band!!!
TOBY MAC – Main Stage – Friday night at 9:20PM
Talk about energetic – I don’t know how he does it!!! He is so talented and a really great guy!
MARK GUNGOR– Main Stage – Thursday 11:25AM & Seminar – Thursday at 3:05PM
Mark is a speaker who does “Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage”. He has insightful messages and delivers them with more than your daily dose of humor!!!
CHRISTOPHER HOPPER – Thursday – Late Night Tent & Saturday – Seminar at 3:05PM
I looked him up online when I was working on putting the voices together for The Creation Survival Kit. I included him as one of the voices, so more people would hear about this guy! Christopher Hopper is a recording artist, published author, motivational speaker, and teen & college pastor. I was really impressed, plus he seems like he has a great sense of humor! Here is the clip that I used for the Creation Survival Kit Contest:

Hope to see you at Creation Northeast 2010!
Ann D’Alessandro-Getting Ready For Creation 2010!

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Scram For The Van!

ann : June 14, 2010 2:02 pm : Ann D'Alessandro


Scram For The Van is back!!  If you don’t know how this works, it’s very easy!  Listen to WJTL for clues as to where we will be for Scram For The Van and the first listeners who find us win some great prizes from area businesses!  (until we run out of prizes)  Tomorrow is the first Scram of the year and we will be doing them through the end of August, so you will have plenty of chances to drive around Lancaster County and find us!

Have Fun and Keep Listening to FM90.3 WJTL!!!

Ann D’Alessandro – Scram With Ann!


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WJTL Contest Rules:

ann : June 2, 2010 1:45 pm : Ann D'Alessandro


Wow!  This time of year always amazes me – where does the time go?  How can it be time for the Creation Survival Kit Contest already?   You know what that means, Creation is right around the corner!!  This is one of my favorite contests because it really gets the listeners involved and glued to their radios!  10 lucky winners will win a pair of tickets to Creation 2010 June 30th-July 3rd and then 1 of those winners will be chosen at random to win the Creation Survival Kit!!!
Well, get ready for the week of June 7th and brush up on your Creation 2010 Artists.  (to help yourself get prepared, you can visit the website http://www.creationfest.com/ne/).
Here is a review of the WJTL Contest Rules:
**If you or someone in your family/household won tickets last year, please let someone else have a chance at winning this year.**

1. To be awarded a prize, the contestants must be the proper number caller, proper name drawn, the proper caller with the correct answer or a chosen contestant according to the specific contest rules.
2. There is no age limit for smaller prize contest winners but they must be a United States citizen to win. Participants may win only one (1) contest per family/household in a thirty (30) day period.
3. All materials submitted during a contest become the
property of WJTL  and WJTL shall have the right to use any such material in connection with the given contest.
4. Any written and mail-in contests need to have all of your contact information included, so we can contact you or mail your prize in the case you are the winner.  (Name, Address and Phone Number)
5.Contestants must be 18 years of age or older and be a United States citizen to win major prizes valued at $500. or greater.
6. Contestants may play a total of two (2) times per contest.
7. Contestants and family members and household members of contestants who win a prize valued at $500 or greater will not be eligible to play or win another major prize valued at $500. or greater again for a two-year period from the date prize is awarded.  If you or someone in your family/household is the grand prize winner, please give other people a chance to play and win.
8. Winners are solely responsible for payment of all applicable federal, state, and local taxes and any other liabilities incurred.

9. WJTL FM90.3 reserves the right to serve as exclusive arbitrator in the instance of question or conflict with the rules, contestants, or other aspect of the contest.
10. The decisions of WJTL FM90.3 with regard to the awarding of the prizes and the interpretation of these rules shall be final. All persons competing in this contest shall be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by these rules.
11. These rules may or may not be superceded by rules for a particular contest.
12. Further questions concerning contest rules should be directed to the General Manager, Fred McNaughton or Program Director, John Shirk.

Have Fun And Hope To See You At Creation 2010!

Ann D’Alessandro – Creation Survival Kit Contest Enthusiast

:  )



Creation Survival Kit Contest!!!

ann : May 28, 2010 2:58 pm : Ann D'Alessandro

Well, hard to believe, but it’s that time of year again! Time for all hopeful WJTL listeners to be glued to their radios with one hand on the phone for a whole week as we play “The Creation Survival Kit Contest”!!! You know what that means, Creation is right around the corner!!
I am here to give you some clues, tips and other helpful hints – but without giving anything away!!! This is one of my favorite contests because it really gets the listeners involved and glued to their radios! Well, get ready for the week of June 7th and brush up on your Creation 2010 Artists.

I am here to give you some clues, tips and other helpful hints – without giving anything away!!!
1. All of the people that you hear will be at Creation 2010 Northeast. (But not necessarily someone that you hear on WJTL)
2. It could be an artist or speaker.
3. You need to know the person’s first and last names.
4. If the person is in a band, you must know their first and last names AND the name of the band.
5. Do your homework! If you have a Creation Newspaper, look through it to see who is going to be there this year! You can also visit different websites to find out more. You can get started by going to the Creation Festival Website: http://www.creationfest.com/ne/

Please remember that if you or someone in your household won tickets last year, please let someone else have a chance at winning this year! You must be 18 or older to play and you can play twice during the contest.
Have fun playing and listening along to The Creation Survival Kit Contest on FM90.3 WJTL and I hope to see you at Creation 2010!!!

Ann D’Alessandro – Creation Festival Fan

Creation Survival Kit

Creation Survival Kit

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Amazing Lost Dogs Concert!

ann : May 19, 2010 10:52 am : Ann D'Alessandro


Well, of course I have to write about The Lost Dogs show last night… Amazing! It was at Christ Community Church in Camp Hill and thanks again to Alan Bingaman for bringing them in. Evidently, they got there late so they were still doing sound check and got started a little late, but there was a good crowd once they got started. Their new CD “Old Angel” came out a week ago, so they had brand new material and a good mix of their older stuff.
Lost Dogs:
Terry Taylor – Acoustic Guitar and Vocals.
Derri Daugherty – Bass and Vocals.
Mike Row – Electric Guitar & Vocals.
Steve Hindalong – Percussion, Vocals & Lasso
They did two of my favorite songs off the new CD, “The World Is Against Us”, an acapella song that features them individually then they sing together for an amazing blend of vocals and the other one was the last song of the night, “Traveling Mercies” sung by Derri. I just love his voice, it’s like honey to your ears, and it was a great song to end the night with! Of course we had to buy the new CD, bought the t-shirt, and then got the postcards for free!
My only complaint for the night is that it just wasn’t long enough, they could have played for another hour, and I am sure that nobody would have complained! “The Lost Dogs” fans may be small but they are mighty (and very loyal)! Thanks to The Lost Dogs for doing what they are doing and using their amazing talents to make quality Christian music for almost 20 years!

Ann D’Alessandro – Lost Dogs Fan


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The Lost Dogs Live!

ann : May 13, 2010 4:03 pm : Ann D'Alessandro


The Lost Dogs CD, “Old Angel” came out on Tuesday.
“At the tail end of the summer of 2008, with murmurs of great depression in the air, a band of great American musicians crammed themselves into an RV and took to Route 66, the Mother Road, much like the Okies in Steinbeck’s masterpiece, seeking something like a new home. It was a noble undertaking and a foolish lark. They didn’t really know what they were looking for, but they had hope that they would find it nonetheless in the journey itself.” The songs on this CD were written from those experiences.
Mark your calendars for “The Glory Road Tour 2010” Tuesday 05/18/2010 at 7pm at Christ Community Church – 1201 State Hill Road, Camp Hill.

Experiencing The Lost Dogs live and in person is a memorable experience for one and all!  Hope to see you there!

lostdogspa2010.blogspot.com, 717-761-2933

The Lost Dogs are:
Terry Scott Taylor: Vocal & Guitar
Derri Daugherty: Vocal, Guitar & Bass
Mike Roe: Vocal, Guitar & Bass
Steve Hindalong: Drums, Percussion, Harp & Glockenspiel (and how many times do you get to say “Glockenspiel”??)



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Great New Music!

ann : May 10, 2010 10:33 am : Ann D'Alessandro, Uncategorized


Two of my favorite bands are releasing new CDs!!!
If you like artists who are talented, creative and pretty much overall amazing, then check out the new CDs coming out from The Lost Dogs and The Choir! (Derri Daugherty & Steve Hindalong are in both bands.) The Lost Dogs have their new CD, “Old Angel” coming out May 11th – TOMORROW!!! “This is a one of a kind recording, a story told in each song. Your listening experience will feel like you were along for the ride. It’s the next best thing!” They will be in Camp Hill on May 18th – so you can catch a show and grab yourself a CD at the same time! We already have our tickets, so hope to see you there!!!
You have to wait a little longer for The Choir, whose CD is coming out June 29th!!! The Choir is an amazingly talented group who has been around since 1980. “The various distinct elements; Hindalong’s unique drum perspectives and immediately evocative lyrics, Daugherty’s crystalline voice (LOVE his voice!) and echoing guitar, Chandler’s muscular, yet persistently melodic bass, Michaels’ tasteful use of sax and synth and Byrd’s excellent backing vocals, tight guitar skills and increasingly powerful songwriting talents, combine as a seamless garment of musical grace. Twenty-five years into their journey, The Choir is as amazing as ever.”
“The Choir may be one of the best, and most influential bands, you’ve never heard of.”

Ann D’Alessandro


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Hope To See You At National Day Of Prayer!

ann : May 3, 2010 9:55 am : Ann D'Alessandro

Looks like we will have beautiful weather for National Day of Prayer this week, and I hope to see you there!!!  This is the 59th Annual Observance of the National Day of Prayer and this year’s theme is “For Such A Time As This” with the scripture from Nahum 1:7 “The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble.  He cares for those who trust in Him.”  From the Old Testament times to today, people have known what it’s like to go through times of trouble, and we can only get through those times with prayer!  The Living Bible says “When trouble comes, He is the place to go!”  This is the NATIONAL Day of Prayer in Lancaster County – we have this privilege and responsibility as Christians to come together and Pray!  It is sure to be a great event with the Youth Edition Wednesday night at 6:30PM and the Celebration of Prayer on Thursday at 6PM – featuring Tony Evans & Anthony Evans.
Remember the location has been changed to Lancaster Bible College & Graduate School.  Bring your blankets and lawn chairs.  Food vendors will be on site, so you can come right after work and grab a bite to eat! Lancaster County’s National Day of Prayer celebration is one you won’t want to miss!  I’ll be there and I hope you will be too!!!  You can find out all the details at their website http://lancasterndp.com

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