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Tell us how to pronounce your name. Phonetically spell out how it sounds in the 'special info' field so your name gets announced correctly.

The birthdays are announced on the air Mon-Fri at 6:50am and 7:35am. Sat & Sun birthdays are announced Saturday at 8:50am. Please note: Your birthday notice is only good for one year. So once your birthday is over you will have to sign up again, but you must wait till the month after your birthday. So if your birthday is May 15, you can sign up for the next year on June 1.

Complete the signup process for WJTL's Birthdays and be automatically entered into the daily drawing. Each day one listener will win a Stauffers of Kissel Hill Gift Card! Birthdays must be submitted 10 days in advance to be eligible to win.
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No purchase is necessary to redeem prize. If selected to win a prize, the coupon will be made redeemable to the Birthday Person. By participating, the e-mail addresses entered will automatically be signed up for Stauffers of Kissel Hill's weekly e-Shopper Newsletter.