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Another KCB Puzzle to solve today on Spy Saturday!

November 16th, 2019 No comments

CONGRATS TO THE WINNER: Faith Brett of East Petersburg! See the answers below…

There is an animal hiding in each sentence below. Can you find the animals? Example: There is a BEE in “I’ll be eleven next month”. You’ll have to look in three words to find some of the animals.

  1. We can go at six o’clock. goat
  2. It’s nice to do good deeds. dog
  3. Take soap and a towel. panda
  4. Most rich people wear fancy clothes. ostrich
  5. You can keep the watch or sell it. horse
  6. Use a ladder. seal
  7. It will be a rainy day. bear
  8. I came late. camel
  9. Tell me if I should start now. fish
  10. Will a map help you? llama

When you have the answer leave it here in the comment section below, or email it to We will announce the winner and the answers at the end of the show today. (11:55am) November 16, 2019.

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January 10th, 2015 11 comments

Congrats to Aslan Umble of Leola! See answer below…

A conundrum is defined as: “a riddle, the answer to which involves a pun or play on words, OR any puzzler.”

Here is today’s KCB CONUNDRUM (Saturday, November 16, 2019)

Cindy, Andy, and Mia, were all over at Keith’s house when a package was delivered. Each child guessed what was in the box, but only one of them was right. Using their guesses as clues, can you figure out what was in the box?

Cindy said, “It’s a laptop computer.” Andy said, “I’ll bet it’s a pizza.” Mia said, “I think a picture or a laptop computer is in the box.” “It’s a picture, for sure,” said Keith.

ANSWER:  A Pizza was in the box!  Right away, you can tell that Mia can’t be right, because if she is, then Keith would also be right (they both said picture), and no more than one child can be right.  and since Mia is wrong, then Cindy is wrong too, because they both said laptop computer.  That means that Andy is correct-it’s a PIZZA!

When you have cracked the KCB CONUNDRUM email your answer to  Answers must be emailed to by 11:45am Saturday, November 16th. You may also hit CONTACT KCB here at the KCB website and send us your answer, but remember we will not make your answer LIVE, because we don’t want everyone to see your answer. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS! We will then take all of the correct answers and pick one at random to win a KCB PRIZE. THE WINNER & correct answer WILL BE ANNOUNCED AT 11:55AM.

Thanks for playing along!

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