Songs Played on 09-24-2016

Time PlayedSong TitleArtistAlbum
11:58Dont Put Your Cat In The Washing MachineBruce Fite
11:53The Gingerbread GirlJim RuleKids Cookie Break 2 CD
11:46Lime Jello Marshmallow Cottage Cheese SurpriseTwo Of A KindSo Many Ways To Be Smart
11:42Somebodys WatchingTobyMacMomentum
11:38VegetablesTerry Scott TaylorMaking God Smile
11:33Dont Worry Be HappyVeggieTalesBob and Larry Sing the 80s
11:30TigerSlugs & BugsSlugs and Bugs and Lullabies
11:27Scooby ZooPhreddPhreddtastic
11:211 Cor 6 vs 19 20 You Were BoughtColin BuchananJesus Rocks The World Disc 1
11:18Muffin ManBigsbyThe Bigsby Show
11:15If Coffee Smells So Good, Why Does It Taste So BadPhreddPhredderiffic.
11:13Giant Red SpaceshipSteven Courtney & Big Happy HouseImaginary Motorplane
11:05Tractor TractorSlugs & BugsSlugs and Bugs and Lullabies
11:02Shine 2000NewsboysShine - The Hits
10:58Start JumpinJump 5Jump 5
10:56Aint No Mountain High EnoughPure NRGHere We Go Again
10:48Shh Shh ShhJustin RobertsWhy Not Sea Monsters - Songs From The New Testament
10:45In The Belly Of The Whale (Newsboys)VeggieTalesJonah-Original Movie Soundtrack
10:39AlienSlugs and BugsSlugs and Bugs Sing The Bible
10:37Queen of ShebaSteven CourtneyKids Cookie Break 3
10:31The Ten Commandment BoogieGo FishSuperstar
10:28Twins Came Out (Twist And Shout - Beatles)ApologetixBiblical Graffiti
10:24Promise LandSanctus RealVeggieRocks!
10:181 Cor 6 vs 19 20 You Were BoughtColin BuchananJesus Rocks The World Disc 1
10:15Frogs! Frogs! Frogs!Bigsby
10:09Floating ZooPhreddKids Cookie Break
10:06Not Logs LincolnApologetixRadical History Tour
09:59Man Gave Names To All The Animals (feat. Go Fish)Denver & The Mile High Orchestra
09:55The Telephone TwistJim RuleLet It Shine!
09:49Consider YourselfVeggieTalesJuniors Playtime Songs
09:46Fire DrillJustin RobertsJungle Gym
09:43If a Dinosaur Was My FriendPhil MelanconAnimal Playground
09:39DirtKelly GoodSinging Through The Alphabet
09:36Super Green Turtle Machine (feat. Steven Courtney, Phredd)Jesse Rothacker of Forgotten Friend ReptilesKids Cookie Break 4 CD
09:32Fruit Of The SpiritUncle CharlieSuperhero
09:29TruthBruce FiteWhen You Smile
09:25SuperheroJared ErbThings Above
09:22League Of Incredible VegetablesNewsboys
09:151 Cor 6 vs 19 20 You Were BoughtColin BuchananJesus Rocks The World Disc 1
09:12They Call Her MosesDamien DragoSlave No More
09:09Bad ThingsIngrid and The Swing KatzCoolest Swing Album Ever
09:06BananaphonePutumayo KidsSing Along with Putumayo
09:01Movin To The BeatDenver & The Mile High Orchestra