Songs Played on 10-22-2016

Time PlayedSong TitleArtistAlbum
11:58Drive Thru SongKJ-52
11:48League Of Incredible VegetablesNewsboys
11:4618 Wheels On A Big RigTrout Fishing In AmericaMine!
11:43Obsessed By TrucksJustin RobertsJungle Gym
11:41Lime Jello Marshmallow Cottage Cheese SurpriseTwo Of A KindSo Many Ways To Be Smart
11:37Its Raining At School TodayColin BuchananJesus Rocks The World (Disc 2)
11:32Dont Put Your Cat In The Washing MachineBruce Fite
11:29Jumping Jack GoldfishPhreddPhredderiffic.
11:26Detective JoeSteven CourtneyKids Cookie Break CD
11:24Henry Box BrownDamien DragoSlave No More
11:17Luke 11:9-10RizerMeet the Rizers
11:14Friend Of GodVeggieTalesHere I Am To Worship
11:12If Coffee Smells So Good, Why Does It Taste So BadPhreddPhredderiffic.
11:09BananaphonePutumayo KidsSing Along with Putumayo
11:03Jedi FighterBrent WeberLooking At The Dinosaur
10:59Tractor TractorSlugs & BugsSlugs and Bugs and Lullabies
10:56Elmers Electric TricyclePhreddPhredderiffic.
10:50Larry Boy! (Original Version)VeggieTalesVeggieTunes 2
10:47Dans Disastrous Dining DilemmaSteve MegawTanners Manners
10:37MosesAllen LeviTalking With Tyler
10:34They Call Her MosesDamien DragoSlave No More
10:30Tyler Talks Back (a.k.a. Id Rather Be A Dog Than A Dude Like You)Allen LeviKids Cookie Break
10:24Billy Joe McGuffrey (Chris Rice)VeggieTalesJonah-Original Movie Soundtrack
10:17Luke 11:9-10RizerMeet the Rizers
10:14John Jacob Jingleheimer SchmidtGo FishParty Like A Preschooler
10:12DavidBigsbyThe Fuggles
10:09Jake The GiantPhreddPhredderiffic.
10:03Harmonica VeronicaSteven Courtney Band25 Cent Songs
10:00Rude RudySteve MegawTanners Manners
09:58Queen of ShebaSteven CourtneyKids Cookie Break 3
09:45The Gingerbread GirlJim RuleKids Cookie Break 2 CD
09:43EnergyKelly GoodSinging Through The Alphabet
09:40Stop, Drop and RollVeggieTalesBob and Larrys Campfire Songs
09:34Pajama DramaSlugs & BugsUnder Where?
09:31I Can Only ImagineVarious ArtistsWorship Jamz
09:27Lets Think Of Something To Do While Were WaitingRicky Skaggs
09:24All The Wondrous PiesUncle StonehillKids Cookie Break 2 CD
09:22Josies Barn DanceSteven Courtney BandMommas Homemade Soup
09:15Luke 11:9-10RizerMeet the Rizers
09:12Muffin ManBigsbyThe Bigsby Show
09:10Baa! Were Lambs!ApologetixGrace Period
09:07Fruit Of The SpiritUncle CharlieSuperhero
09:01Shine 2000NewsboysShine - The Hits