Songs Played on 02-22-2020

Time PlayedSong TitleArtistAlbum
11:58Its Raining At School TodayColin BuchananJesus Rocks The World (Disc 2)
11:55If Coffee Smells So Good, Why Does It Taste So BadPhreddPhredderiffic.
11:46Firefighter MikeSing n PlaySafety Songs
11:44DirtKelly GoodSinging Through The Alphabet
11:41The New & Improved Bunny SongVeggieTalesVeggieTunes 2
11:40Dont Put Your Cat In The Washing MachineBruce Fite
11:36Tractor TractorSlugs & BugsSlugs and Bugs and Lullabies
11:32BananaphonePutumayo KidsSing Along with Putumayo
11:29Drive Thru SongKJ-52
11:27Lime Jello Marshmallow Cottage Cheese SurpriseTwo Of A KindSo Many Ways To Be Smart
11:24Jedi FighterBrent WeberLooking At The Dinosaur
11:18I Am The Way (feat. Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave)Randall GoodgameSing The Bible With Slugs & Bugs: Volume 3
11:14Under Where?Slugs & BugsKids Cookie Break 4 CD
11:10Lights Shine Bright (feat. Hollyn)TobyMacThis Is Not A Test
11:05The Gingerbread GirlJim RuleKids Cookie Break 2 CD
11:02Baa! Were Lambs!ApologetixGrace Period
10:59The Crocodile SongColin Buchanan10 9 8 God is Great
10:55Things AboveJared ErbThings Above
10:51Think About Such ThingsKelly GoodLove In Motion
10:48Lets Think Of Something To Do While Were WaitingRicky Skaggs
10:43Dogged If I KnowPhreddUkulele One Man Band
10:40Hello, My Chicken Thinks Hes A DogTrout Fishing In AmericaChicken Joe Forgets Something Important
10:38Your DogSteven Courtney BandMonkey Business As Usual
10:33Tyler Talks Back (a.k.a. Id Rather Be A Dog Than A Dude Like You)Allen LeviKids Cookie Break
10:31Three Legged DogLost DogsReal Men Cry
10:27Sled DogsPhreddPhredderiffic.
10:21Rosco the Wonder DogSteven Courtney
10:17I Am The Way (feat. Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave)Randall GoodgameSing The Bible With Slugs & Bugs: Volume 3
10:14How Much is that Doggie in the WindowThe Lennon Sisters
10:11Dont Take Your Dog to ChurchPhreddKids Cookie Break 3
10:08Dog SongHullabalooBest Of Hullabaloo: Volume Two
10:02Five Fantastic Fabulous Founding FathersDamien DragoPowder Your Wig
09:59Powder Your WigDamien DragoPowder Your Wig