Songs Played on 05-30-2020

Time PlayedSong TitleArtistAlbum
11:57Mexican RhapsodySlugs & BugsUnder Where?
11:54Beanies & FranksRandy StonehillUncle Stonehills Hat
11:53Dont Put Your Cat In The Washing MachineBruce Fite
11:52Dinosaur SongJohnny CashThe Johnny Cash Childrens Album
11:46Billy Joe McGuffrey (Chris Rice)VeggieTalesJonah-Original Movie Soundtrack
11:42Under Where?Slugs & BugsKids Cookie Break 4 CD
11:40Baa! Were Lambs!ApologetixGrace Period
11:3512 Daze of CookiesLisa Landis and the Cookie BreakersKids Cookie Break Christmas
11:32Jedi FighterBrent WeberLooking At The Dinosaur
11:27Tractor TractorSlugs & BugsSlugs and Bugs and Lullabies
11:23AwayBigsbyThe Fuggles
11:15Backseat Driver (feat. Hollyn & Tru)TobyMacThis Is Not A Test
11:11My Mom Is A PiratePhreddEverlasting Popcorn
11:08The Rumor Weed SongThe WsLarry Boy: The Soundtrack
11:05The Pangolin SongSlugs & BugsModern Kid
11:03CatapultanaugahikawallawallarickitikianapoodloodlakastanvilletownSlugs & BugsModern Kid
10:59Larry Boy Supa Dupa Dance MixVeggieTales
10:55Hey Hey MatePhreddZOOMALOOYA
10:50Bad ThingsIngrid and The Swing KatzCoolest Swing Album Ever
10:46Mission 3-16CarmanMission 3-16
10:43TruthBruce FiteWhen You Smile
10:39Scooby Doo SongEddie Daniels
10:36The New Larry Boy Theme SongVeggieTales
10:34NinjaSlugs & BugsUnder Where?
10:31Nancy DrewRelient KRelient K
10:28Fair And Square321 PenguinsThe Cheating Scales of Bullamanka
10:24CuriousUncle StonehillUncle Stonehills Hat
10:20I Spy (Fast)Slugs & BugsA Slugs And Bugs Christmas
10:16Babys Got The Car KeysTrout Fishing In AmericaFamily Music Party
10:13Scooby ZooPhreddPhreddtastic
10:11Math DetectiveOzomatliPBS KIDS Rocks
10:09Detective JoeSteven CourtneyKids Cookie Break CD
10:06Call On UsVeggieTalesSheer Luck Holmes
10:04Get a ClueSteven Courtney
10:00Agent Of FaithSteven CourtneyAgent Of Faith
09:57Stay At Home DadJustin Roberts
09:55Keeper Of The BearRandy StonehillThirst (or the Kids Cookie Break CD)
09:49Red, Red RobinPutumayo KidsSing Along with Putumayo
09:44Ping Pong SongSlugs & BugsModern Kid
09:42Zoo In SpacePhreddPhreddtastic
09:38AstronautSeņor FancypantsSeņor Fancypants
09:26God Is BiggerVeggieTalesVeggieTunes
09:23Afraid of the Dark (Feat. Katy Bowser Hutson)Rain For RootsAll Creatures
09:19Be Strong (Joshua 1.9)God Rocks!Believe And Obey Gods Son
09:16PhotosynthesisBruce FiteDont Put Your Cat in the Washing Machine
09:14Wash Yo HandsDanny GokeySingle
09:12Kool Kind KidSteve MegawKids Cookie Break 2 CD
09:09Brave Enough To Be KindSteven CourtneyI Am A Robot
09:06The Bed Making Song (feat. Waterdeep)Slugs & BugsModern Kid
09:01Good Morning SunshineSteven Courtney