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Amazing Lost Dogs Concert!

May 19th, 2010


Well, of course I have to write about The Lost Dogs show last night… Amazing! It was at Christ Community Church in Camp Hill and thanks again to Alan Bingaman for bringing them in. Evidently, they got there late so they were still doing sound check and got started a little late, but there was a good crowd once they got started. Their new CD “Old Angel” came out a week ago, so they had brand new material and a good mix of their older stuff.
Lost Dogs:
Terry Taylor – Acoustic Guitar and Vocals.
Derri Daugherty – Bass and Vocals.
Mike Row – Electric Guitar & Vocals.
Steve Hindalong – Percussion, Vocals & Lasso
They did two of my favorite songs off the new CD, “The World Is Against Us”, an acapella song that features them individually then they sing together for an amazing blend of vocals and the other one was the last song of the night, “Traveling Mercies” sung by Derri. I just love his voice, it’s like honey to your ears, and it was a great song to end the night with! Of course we had to buy the new CD, bought the t-shirt, and then got the postcards for free!
My only complaint for the night is that it just wasn’t long enough, they could have played for another hour, and I am sure that nobody would have complained! “The Lost Dogs” fans may be small but they are mighty (and very loyal)! Thanks to The Lost Dogs for doing what they are doing and using their amazing talents to make quality Christian music for almost 20 years!

Ann D’Alessandro – Lost Dogs Fan


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