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Bibles Behind the Lines

April 22nd, 2013

WJTL is teaming with Bible League International to provide Bibles to those in desperate need.  From South Asia, across the massive Indian subcontinent, and throughout the closed nations of  the Middle East, tens or even hundreds of thousands of persecuted Christians long for Bibles.

Please join the WJTL community and Bible League International in a special effort to rush God’s  Word to some of the most spiritually hungry parts of the world. Your tax-deductible gift to the  “Bibles Behind the Lines” campaign will change lives, one Bible at a time.

Because of a special “Bibles Behind the Lines” campaign challenge grant, every $5 you give sends two Bibles.  A gift of $50 sends 20 Bibles. $100 sends 40. A generous gift of $500 sends an amazing 200 Bibles to believers “behind the lines.”  We are hoping the WJTL community can work together to provide 3600 Bibles before May 19th.

To join the effort, you can click here or call 1-800-YES-WORD

Persecuted Christians from the Middle East to South Asia need your prayers, and they need Bibles! When you join Bible League and WJTL in this vital effort, your gift will rush Bibles where they are needed most!