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Creation Festival!!!

June 18th, 2010

So, June is flying by, and it is that time of the year already!!! I am a pretty big Creation fan and look forward to it every year! My favorite memories were of seeing Mylon & Broken Heart – probably my favorite Christian band of all time!!! I also enjoyed seeing Margaret Becker, DC Talk, Caedmon’s Call, Geoff Moore & The Distance, Rich Mullins and so many more!!! Here is a short list of who I am looking forward to seeing this year:
SWITCHFOOT – Main Stage – Wednesday night at 9:20PM
They always have an entertaining and energetic show – love this band!!!
TOBY MAC – Main Stage – Friday night at 9:20PM
Talk about energetic – I don’t know how he does it!!! He is so talented and a really great guy!
MARK GUNGOR– Main Stage – Thursday 11:25AM & Seminar – Thursday at 3:05PM
Mark is a speaker who does “Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage”. He has insightful messages and delivers them with more than your daily dose of humor!!!
CHRISTOPHER HOPPER – Thursday – Late Night Tent & Saturday – Seminar at 3:05PM
I looked him up online when I was working on putting the voices together for The Creation Survival Kit. I included him as one of the voices, so more people would hear about this guy! Christopher Hopper is a recording artist, published author, motivational speaker, and teen & college pastor. I was really impressed, plus he seems like he has a great sense of humor! Here is the clip that I used for the Creation Survival Kit Contest:

Hope to see you at Creation Northeast 2010!
Ann D’Alessandro-Getting Ready For Creation 2010!

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