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Great Local Artists!

August 26th, 2010

The WJTL listening area has been graced with lots of local talent! For example, going back “just a few years” we’ve had Innocence Mission, The Ocean Blue, Erik Schouten Band, FFH (Far From Home), Rainchildren, Unsettled, Jawbone Hill, The Beginners, Reveal, Skankin Bouvas and so many more that I can’t list them all here!
We get phone calls from people looking for local artists to perform at their events so I decided to try to compile a list of some of the current local artists and their websites:

-Ace Augustine- metal/hardcore – myspace.com/aceaugustine
-An Early Ending – metal/rock – anearlyendingmusic.com
-Brett Rush – acoustic rock – brettrushmusic.com
-Bruce Fite – Kids Cookie Break – brucefite.com
-Calling Out Closer- indie/rock – callingoutcloser.com
-Chris Kauffman indie/acoustic- myspace.com/chriskauffman
-Christopher Wright – indie/rock/pop- christopherwright.com
-Faux Minx – jazz – thefauxminx.com
-Hiram Ring – acoustic/folk – hiramring.com

-Jeremiah Coyne – pop/rock – myspace.com/jeremiahcoyne
-Jim Rule – Kids Cookie Break – jimrule.com
-Joy Ike – pop/soul – joyike.com
-Mark Cable – worship/AC – markcable.com
-Marty Shaughnessy – folk/rock – myspace.com/martyshaughnessy
-Matt Goss Band – pop/soul – mattgossband.com
-Matt Monticchio – classical/experimental/jazz- matthewmonticchio.com
-Matt Zook Band – Christian – myspace.com/mattzookband
-Michael Ferrari – alternative/acoustic – myspace.com/michaelferrarisongs
-My Heart To Fear – screamo/rock – myheart2fear.com
-Oceans In Love – indie/rock – oceansinlove.com
-Phredd – Kids Cookie Break – phreddcentral.com
-Randy Fisher – rock/acoustic/pop – myspace.com/randyfisherband
-Receiving The Ghost – rock/indie/folk – facebook.com/receivingtheghost
-Stacey Dee – indie/pop – www.staceydee.com
-Steve Bridgeman – acoustic/folk/jazz – myspace.com/stevenbridgeman
-Steven Courtney – Kids Cookie Break – stevencourtney.com
– Steven Courtney & His Band Of Friends – acoustic – stevencourtney.com/band
-Texas In July – screamo/hard rock – myspace.com/texasinjuly
-The Mint – alternative/indie – myspace.com/themintonline
-The Pledge – rock – myspace.com/thepledgepa
-Unsearchable Riches – pop/rock – unsearchableriches.com

-INTENT-worship – http://www.intenttheband.com/

– Hiram Garcia – worship – http://hgmp.tripod.com/

-Poormans Riches – from Lancaster Bible College – http://poormansrichesband.com/

– The Known – melodic hard rock – http://www.myspace.com/theknownmusic

(Sorry if I missed you! Please send your contact info. so we have it for future reference)

Ann D’Alessandro –

  1. meade stoner
    August 27th, 2010 at 14:58 | #1

    In the words of (the now defunct) Kheris….I love Lancaster Rock!! Thanks Ann for promoting local talent. May JTL continue to support the local artisans.

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