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How are you celebrating Easter?

April 5th, 2012

KRISTI LEIGH — How are you celebrating Easter?  I don’t just mean who are you eating ham with and where?…  I’m talking about really celebrating!  I’ve noticed that holidays are so much more meaningful when I find ways to be intentional about celebrating them.  This week my husband, Sam, and I are planning on attending a Passover seder, watching the movie “The Passion Of The Christ”, doing egg hunts with our niece and nephews, giving flowers to the ladies in the family and celebrating with our church on Sunday.  Even as I think about our plans for the week, my heart is touched with the real “reason for the season”.  (Yeah, it’s not just for Christmas anymore!)  So…what are your plans?  If you’re looking for events happening in our listening area that will help Easter come alive to you, check out our Events Page at www.WJTL.com (click here).  It’s my encouragement to you to do more than just eating ham and going to church on Sunday.  Sometimes seasons in our lives don’t allow for much extra activity.  Maybe you’re going through something tough like that.  But take the opportunity if you can!  Even if it’s reading the story in the Bible or just pausing for a moment and thinking about what your life is like because of Resurrection Day!  Celebrate!

Happy Easter Week!

Kristi Leigh