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Kids’ Cookie Break returns to Sight & Sound Theatre this Saturday

August 25th, 2010

LISA LANDIS-It’s been almost one year since KCB celebrated 10 years on the radio with a birthday party at Sight & Sound Theatre in Strasburg, PA.  It was the largest KCB live turnout ever and Sight & Sound Theatre went all out with special shows, giveaways, live animals, & tons of fun.

KCB returns to Sight & Sound Theatre this Saturday 9am-noon. To answer my most often asked question, “Yes, KCB live at Sight & Sound is a FREE event!  And NO registration required.  Just show up!”

Sight & Sound is performing two “interactive” performances of Joseph for the kids at 9:30am and 11am.  Look for the KCB table in the “marketplace” lobby featuring  live animals, & actors.  Jump in on mini-acting classes for the kids, request songs, eat cookies, and free KCB gear.  And we now have KCB ADULT sized T-shirts!!!  The new T-shirts just arrived and are ready to go for Saturday.

Here is a video from our KCB Field Trip to Sight & Sound last year.  I got to experience what it’s like to make a quick change just like the S&S actors!

Click here to visit the kidscookiebreak.com website and click on the KCB Calendar for information on Saturday’s live remote at Sight & Sound Theater.

And here is the link to the Sight & Sound Theatres website.

Hope to see you Saturday!