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Mike & Derri Concert!

July 8th, 2011



We don’t usually do concerts during the Summer because most people are already busy, but we decided to make a special exception with the Michael Roe & Derri Daugherty concert coming up on Wednesday.  Their brand new CD “Kerosene Halo” was just released on Tuesday. (In conjunction with The Choir playing at Cornerstone Festival on Friday, July 1st)

“Kerosene Halo CD
Lo-Fidelity Records is pleased to announce the debut album for Michael Roe and Derri Daugherty’s latest collaboration, Kerosene Halo. Simple. Sparse. Nostalgic. Gorgeous. The adjectives run riot but the music does not. This is an album for late nights, early mornings, lazy afternoons and relaxing road trips down your favorite highways.”

If you aren’t familiar with their music you can listen to their brand new CD at their website.  http://kerosenehalo.net/

Kerosene Halo

Wednesday, July 13th at 7PM – Doors Open at 6:30PM

Emmaus Road Cafe -1916 Lincoln Hwy East, Lancaster, PA  17602

The Cafe will be open so you can enjoy some coffee and snacks during the concert!


Tickets and more information – 717-392-3206 or http://cmilive.com/

Tickets will be available at the door!

Hope to see you there!

Ann D’Alessandro – Fan of The Choir, The Lost Dogs, Kerosene Halo and Everything Derri!


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