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My Favorite Videos from 2013

January 6th, 2014

I posted the top 10 most viewed videos of 2013. Now here are 5 of my favorites that didn’t make it:

5) Crowder: Bundt Cakes & New Music

David Crowder brings his usual eccentric personality to an interview with Kristi Leigh in the WJTL trailer at Creation.

4) Jordan Feliz: “Home” (Acoustic)

I absolutely love the soulful,raw voice of Jordan Feliz, as he sings in a room at Uprise Festival.

3) Skyhawk Drive: “Dead Men Running” (Acoustic)

Ronnie from Skyhawk Drive up in the woods at Creation.

2) Lybecker: “Inbetween” (Acoustic)

The most original acoustic video we have done to date, and completely from the mind of Lybecker.

1) Lybecker: Weirdest Concert

Lybecker takes home #2 & #1 on my list thanks to their insane creativity. Their concert story seemed a bit too strange to be true.

Those are 5 of my favorites for the year. I hope you enjoyed, and keep tuning in to see what 2014 brings.

Thanks for watching,

Ben Sauder

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