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New Tunes at 9 Roundup: Kutless

February 13th, 2014

RADIO FRIEND PHIL – Greetings! It’s time for this week’s New Tunes at 9 Roundup. (New Tunes at 9, one-hour of new and emerging music, weeknights at 9 p.m. on WJTL.)  Kutless released their new project, “Glory,” this week. “Glory” is the band’s 8th project, and follows “Believer,” a record that debuted at No. 36 on the Billboard 200.  The name Kutless was inspired by biblical scripture: Romans 6:23—“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Because of this verse, the band says, he took our cuts for us, leaving us Kutless. The music on the new Kutless project is reverent and worshipful; this week on New Tunes at 9, Jon Micah Sumrall talked about his vision for the record, and choosing the title, “Glory.” https://wjtl.com/listen/wjtl-casts/ For more on Kutless, go to http://kutless.com/default.aspx You’ll find music, facebook, links to iTunes and more. (You can also go to the staff blogs and facebook page at wjtl.com and click new tunes at 9 roundup.) For this week’s Roundup Song of the Week, I want to play a new song from Kutless, off “Glory” called, “We Will Worship You.”


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