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New Tunes at 9 Roundup: The Neverclaim

October 10th, 2013

Greetings! It’s time for this week’s New Tunes at 9 Roundup. (New Tunes at 9, one-hour of new and emerging music, weeknights at 9 p.m. on WJTL.) The Neverclaim released their new, self-titled project, on September 24. The Portland, Oregon based band has been touring in support of their music, and they also made at stop at the Junction Center earlier this year. (Too see videos from their performance, click https://wjtl.com/videos/) The Neverclaim was formed by singer/songwriter/guitarist, Jeremiah Carlson (who had been writing songs as a youth pastor at Vancouver Vineyard). Since releasing their independent debut, Carlson has been refining his skills as a songwriter. For more on The Neverclaim, go to http://theneverclaim.com/ You’ll find links to download their music on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play, plus facebook, you-tube and more.


  1. Cynthia Wenger
    November 13th, 2013 at 08:15 | #1

    Listened to your show last night while at work. Realized that I knew many of Neverclaim’s song. Unfortuanately I haven’t been giving credit to the right band for some of my favorite songs. I think lead Jeremiah sounds like Big Daddy Weave and so I have been giving BDW credit for many of these songs. Glad to get that cleared up. I love the sound of both bands. 🙂

  2. Cynthia Wenger
    November 13th, 2013 at 08:21 | #2

    Listened to your show last night while I was at work. Loved listening and getting to know Jeremiah/Neverclaim. I realized that I have been confusing Neverclaim with Big Daddy Weave. I know many of Neverclaim’s music from listening to WJTL but I don’t always pay attention to who the artists are. I think that Big Daddy Weave and Jeremiah sound very much the same. I love both bands, not only the sound but their hearts to share Jesus.

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