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Priceless: Now Playing! Learn More!

October 28th, 2016

Starting off as a song, Priceless is a movie that is inspiring many. Over the weekend, Joey and myself drove out to Bloomsburg to see the movie Priceless. It was very powerful, inspiring, and truly a movement in itself. Here’s some more information on the movie, the song, my experience, and where you can see it now!

The band, For King and Country wrote the song “Priceless” for the anniversary addition of their sophomore album “Run Wild, Live Free, Love Strong”. This song sparked a movement on the issue of the worth of women. For King and Country wrote Priceless to remind others that women, as well as men, are worth more to God than anything. That is especially true in situations like relationships. The song spoke so much to listeners and the band, that two years ago, they decided to make a movie devoted to showing a women’s worth. Focusing on the issue of Human Trafficking. You can read the synopsis of the movie at pricelessthemovie.com/#synopsis

Going into the movie, I expected there to be drama and a great message, but came out with so much more. James’s background story was harsh. He had gone though a lot with his family. The way that his personality changed as the movie went on, and how he saw the worth of those women was unreal. While watching the movie, I would think from time to time, that this movie is based on true stories, meaning that these events still play on right now. Many men take for granted the worth of women and put them at a price, but truly, we are all priceless in the eyes of God. ┬áThis movie is sparking a movement called The Priceless Movement. They are raising awareness to Human Trafficking and building homes where these people can find refuge physical and spiritually though christ.

As in a rating stand point, I give it two big thumbs up. The video quality was good for a small family staff, and the music was well done. The actors were well picked, and fit into their roles well. The rating for the movie is PG-13. I highly recommend to not take children that aren’t yet in middle school because of some violent scenes, and the topic of Human Trafficking.

Over all, I am so thrilled for this movie. I believe that it’s movement can spark and change our future generation. Now you can see it too! As of today, October 28th, Priceless is playing at Penn Cinema in Lititz!! For more information on the movie or the movement, check out the websites below. Take your youth group, family, or friends and see this movie. You will not regret it! And always remember, you are “Oh so Priceless!”




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