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Real News of Inspiration

January 15th, 2012

Herb Suereth —

Here’s this week’s Real News of Inspiration from YDR.com’s John Hilton.  Have you ever wondered what you will do when you retire?  Maybe you dream of moving somewhere with warm waves and sand.  Ron and Joan Drayer had other plans.  After retiring, they felt called to minister in York City, particularly the Salem Square neighborhood.  Prior to moving there in January of 2011, they had never lived in the city.  Now they are making relationships and helping out wherever they can to assist the Salem Square Community Association to turn the area around.  John has been helping with Habitat for humanity and there has been an emphasis on home ownership.  Many of the residents of Salem Square rent and cannot see the big picture.  When asked about their decision to move into the toubled neighborhood, Joan Drayer comments,”I think God wanted us to move up here…and we are just going along with it to see if we can help.”


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