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Real News of Inspiration

January 22nd, 2012

Herb Suereth —

This week’s Real News of Inspiration comes from The Christian Post’s Anugrah Kumar

Could watching football ever lead to salvation?  For David Grumme’s children, it did!  Grumme tweeted that his children gave their lives to Christ as a result of watching a commercial. Focus on the Family aired the commercial during the Broncos-Patriots playoff game.  The commercial featured children reciting John 3:16.  When Grumme asked his older son why the commercial influenced him more than church, he responded, “I saw other kids my age that were excited about Jesus.”

  1. Emily Turner
    January 23rd, 2012 at 13:17 | #1

    me and my dad saw that commercial on sat. and I was soo impressed that it was on the air and lots of people saw it.

  2. Sean Aulthouse
    January 24th, 2012 at 21:19 | #2

    I was really surprised to see the commercial during the game. It made me stop what I was doing to pay attention. If only more commercials like that were on tv…

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