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Real News of Inspiration

July 17th, 2011


Here’s this week’s Real News of Inspiration

From Lancaster Online’s Susan Jurgelski

Could donating the produce from one row of your garden really make a difference?  Joy Olcott knows it does.  Joy, with her church-Grace United Methodist Church in Millersvile, organized a garden on the church’s property.  The garden, named Garden of Grace, along with individuals from the church, has donated over 2300lbs. of produce to local charities.  Kerry Brubaker, of Water Street Ministries-one of the recipients of the produce remarked, “What a joy it was to get (the) produce. It was fresh and looked beautiful, and the people loved it.”  The Clare House, because of the donations, has allowed their residents to cook their own meals.   Shannon Bower from the Clare House commented on the donations, “Kind deeds change lives.”  For more information on Garden of Grace you can call 872-0315 or email hannabb@comcast.net.



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