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Real News of Inspiration

August 21st, 2011


Here’s this week’s Real News of Inspiration

From Lancaster Online’s David O’ Conner

Can sports and faith really mix?  At Faith and Family Nights with the Lancaster Barnstormers, they sure do!  Faith and Family Nights allow for Christian musicians to perform to people who may not normally hear the message they are delivering.  Past performers at these games have been, Steven Courtney, Matt Goss, Brett Rush and Chuck Gibson.  Brett Rush said of the importance of his performance, “Music gives me the opportunity to communicate truth into people’s lives.”  Barnstormer players have also offered testimonies into how their faith has affected their lives.  Brian Radle, director of entertainment was approached by a fan during a Faith and Family Night who told Radle he was, “happy they were doing this.”  The next Faith and Family night will feature Salt and Light, a rock/funk/jazz/gospel group from Lancaster and will take place on Saturday, Saturday, September 9th at 5:45pm.  For more info visit LancasterBarnstormers.com.




  1. Melissa
    September 8th, 2011 at 23:16 | #1

    how many hours in advance will you know if the Barnstormes game is cancelled, if they do for tommarow night?

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