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Stick to It!

August 14th, 2013

During this summer, bumper sticker spotting has taken us some pretty cool places.  There are WJTL bumper stickers everywhere!  We have had listeners send in pictures of their stickers from New Jersey, Maryland and New York!   There is even a WJTL bumper sticker in Sweden thanks to a young man who came to visit and is now proudly sporting his sticker on his car.

A lot of the sticker spotting is done in our local area but we take our Bonanza packets to every live event.  Some of us even take our materials on vacation with us!  You can win the Bumper Sticker Bonanza from anywhere.

We are still out spotting stickers all over our local listening area.  More than that, we still have great prizes from local businesses, WJTL cinch packs and CDs from some great Christian artists.  So keep an eye out for a Bumper Sticker Bonanza envelope on your windshield or, as usual, you can send it in to win!


  1. Andrea Michener
    August 19th, 2013 at 13:14 | #1

    Take a trip down Old Dorward st in Lancaster. My car is on the left side of the road close to Manor st. Lancaster City. Lol joking.

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