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superhero: Britpop Music From the U.K. to Delta, PA.

May 19th, 2010

Radio Friend Phil – As a music lover,  it’s always exciting when a band stops by the WJTL studios to talk about their music and share their vision for ministry! On Wednesday night’s edition of New Tunes at 9, we had the  chance  to meet superhero, a Scotland-based band that loves to play rock ‘n’ roll and lead worship all around the world. (Their ministry has taken them to Scotland, England, Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland and numerous other countries.) To listen to the music of superhero, go here: http://www.myspace.com/superherouk

superhero lead singer Tim Cheshire  spoke about their new CD, “Bicycle Thieves” (which includes a song called “Delta, PA.”),  their relationship to the band Delirious and shared stories regarding traveling, performing and spreading the Gospel. If you missed the conversation on the radio, go here: https://wjtl.com/listen/wjtl-casts/

Radio Friend Phil, DJ, WJTL


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