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Take The New RadioTraks Music Survey

April 13th, 2011

Radio Friend Phil – The latest WJTL RadioTraks Music Survey is up at wjtl.com. Please click on the link https://wjtl.com/musics/radiotraks/ rate the new songs and qualify to win free music, too.

Happy listening,

Radio Friend Phil


  1. Kevin Herzer
    April 15th, 2011 at 22:34 | #1

    Pretty cool Phil. Never took the survey before, will have to do it again.

  2. Andrew J. Persac
    April 16th, 2011 at 20:07 | #2

    Hell, Phil & staff, I wanted to finally comment on the Top 500 Songs of All-Time list, & this seemed like the most appropriate place to leave my thoughts on that topic, despite this being a blog about the Song Tracks survey. First, I do want to commend you & the staff on ALL your hard work putting together a list of SO MANY artists and songs (though I must say a number of famous and potential countdown residents, including a few of my faves, were NOT included, a situation that needs to be resolved for the next time you do this). It must have taken QUITE a bit of research, then hours tallying all the votes, points, etc. I myself have my own lists, point totals, etc that I made up from this survey. I will give a couple of suggestions as to how future lists/surveys could be improved & truly create a better ALL-TIME list. There were TOO many recent songs on the list; as good as some of them might be and/or are, they do NOT deserve to be on the same list as some of those older classics that appeared, in some cases WAY TOO FAR down the countdown, and certainly NOT instead of others that didn’t make it this time, if they ever have. My own votes were mostly 80’s songs, with one or 2 90’s tunes thrown in. Songs should be AT LEAST a year old, if not 2, to be eligible for consideration, if NOT even older. Those othewrs songs from the lsist need to be included as I said before, and also maybe they could be spread over the week so people would not be listening for too long at a time (and get tired), or have to miss some early ones, or stay up too late to hear others. Plus the things about adding titles that weren’t on the list DIDN’T work, which is why those need to be included next time. Also, there were too many repeated artists names on the list, which m\ade the list EVEN longer to have to wade through to find one’s faves. But overall, it was a tough task & pretty good list in general, though my own personal one would be MUCH differe t. But still your station plays a wider variety than most other CCM stations, and for that i thabnk you, ESPECIALLY for the Archives show, which I shall be listening to in about an hour freom now. MORE of those songs needed to be on the list, besides Larry Norman & a few others………. MORE PETRA & AMY G. for example. This NEW generation needs to know the OLD classics (hence why they ARE classics)… Good evening/night, blessed Sunday & church to all, & God bless WJTL!!!!!
    Andrew J. Persac

  3. Andrew J. Persac
    April 16th, 2011 at 20:11 | #3

    Hello, I meant, I just saw the typo at the beginning of my previous post. Sorry about that, Forgive me for the dumb mistake & not more closely monitoring my typing….. :O

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