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The Children’s Tent at Creation rocked today!

July 1st, 2010

Stop by The Children’s Tent at Creation East and say hi if you are here!  The Kids’ Cookie Break is the official Kids’ Tent host at Creation East and today rocked!  We started off the morning with worship lead by Gretchen & Heidi.  Phredd & his son Zachary started the music at 9am.  My fave was the song “If Coffee is So Good, Why Does it Taste So Bad”.  Check out the KCB You Tube page at kidscookiebreak.com for backstage coffee talk during Fred’s song.  Steven Courtney and His Band of Friends were next.  Steve told me his fave song to perform today was “Steven the Pirate”.  Mine too!  Then Jesse shared his reptile friends.  (we hope he brings his new baby Kenny to share with everyone on Saturday).  It was great to have Mark Thompson and his friends back at Creation East.  Here is a fun video of Mark making Phredd’s son Zack act like a puppet!

Donut Man closed out the morning with fun interactive songs, dances and words of wisdom.

Thanks to all of the kids who played the KCB Cookie Eating contest game AND the hula hoop contest!

More games, PLUS-Phredd, Donut Man, Randall Goodgame of “Slugs&Bugs”, Steven Courtney Band, Mark Thompson tomorrow in the Kids’ Tent.  See you there!

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