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The Lost Dogs Live!

May 13th, 2010


The Lost Dogs CD, “Old Angel” came out on Tuesday.
“At the tail end of the summer of 2008, with murmurs of great depression in the air, a band of great American musicians crammed themselves into an RV and took to Route 66, the Mother Road, much like the Okies in Steinbeck’s masterpiece, seeking something like a new home. It was a noble undertaking and a foolish lark. They didn’t really know what they were looking for, but they had hope that they would find it nonetheless in the journey itself.” The songs on this CD were written from those experiences.
Mark your calendars for “The Glory Road Tour 2010” Tuesday 05/18/2010 at 7pm at Christ Community Church – 1201 State Hill Road, Camp Hill.

Experiencing The Lost Dogs live and in person is a memorable experience for one and all!  Hope to see you there!

lostdogspa2010.blogspot.com, 717-761-2933

The Lost Dogs are:
Terry Scott Taylor: Vocal & Guitar
Derri Daugherty: Vocal, Guitar & Bass
Mike Roe: Vocal, Guitar & Bass
Steve Hindalong: Drums, Percussion, Harp & Glockenspiel (and how many times do you get to say “Glockenspiel”??)



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