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Two Weeks

October 7th, 2011

STACEY GAGNE –  Two weeks from today the journey begins in our trip to Jacmel.   How did we get here so fast?

Thanks to Facebook, I’ve been able to correspond with the teammates that I’ll be traveling with.  Some of the 9 of us are seasoned travelers to Haiti and some of us are first timers.   It’s going to be beautiful to see how God uses our different strengths, giftings and experience as we serve there.  I’m sure you will get to hear from some of them as we share our stories with the WJTL audience.

Each of us are packing bags with essentials like towels, formula, diapers, clothes, toys… you name it… to bring and bless people with.  I have one giant duffle bag ready to go and need to do some shopping for filling a second bag.   I am so excited to get there, meet some beautiful people and share my experiences with you!

I’ll be flying out of the area on Friday October 21st and traveling from Miami to Port Au Prince on Saturday the 22nd and will be there until the 29th.

I would appreciate your pray for these final 2 weeks of preparation!

Stacey Gagne

Packing my bags and preparing my heart!