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WJTL Bumper Sticker Bonanza

July 14th, 2013

The winners for the 2013 Bumper Sticker Bonanza are starting to really pour in and it is so interesting to see how everyone displays their WJTL Pride! Now that the Bonanza is in full swing what I want to know is what you love about WJTL? There have been old stickers and new stickers used in some pretty creative ways. If you look on the WJTL Facebook page there is even a sticker being used to cover up some chipping paint. Let me tell you, a shiny new WJTL bumper sticker can sure make an old paint job look pretty spiffy!

Personally, I just love how excited everyone gets about the Bumper Sticker Bonanza among other things. Here in the office, it is thrilling whenever a winner sends it in to win and the winners get even more pumped up. Once, when I was spotting, the winners happened to see me placing the envelope on their vehicle, and they were delighted! We are even adding some more great prizes like gift cards from Bruster’s Ice Cream and Lickity Split Restaurant as well as CDs by Audio Adrenaline, Jeremy Camp and Bebo Norman.

We are starting to get at least one entry per day through interns@wjtl.com and we are trying really hard to make sure every winner gets a prize they can get excited about. But in your excitement don’t forget to include your name and address with your entry! Some people enjoy winning prizes from WJTL and other local businesses, others love hearing their favorite music on the radio and some enjoy just supporting their favorite Christian station. So what makes you want to display you WJTL Pride?




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