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Youth Group Night Starting!

August 27th, 2017

School is starting, or has already started for some of you. That means that we are ready to start a new season of WJTL’s Youth Group Night here at the Junction Center!

What is Youth Group Night? It’s a FREE event for Youth Leaders and their groups to come learn about Radio, Promotions, Music and WJTL. We will teach your group about our station, how it differs from other stations, and how you can get involved. Here’s some activities you will be participating in during that night.

At our first station, you will spend time with John Staffieri grading music. John will play music we are or will begin playing at WJTL, and you get to grade it. This lets us know what kind of music you like! Our second station is in the Production Room with myself, Katlyn Jumper. Here we will learn what goes on behind the scenes of WJTL from video to audio production. You will even get the chance to create your own radio spots for WJTL, Some Sort of Rock Show, and Kids Cookie Break. The final, and favored station is going LIVE on the radio with Nik at Nite. She will show you how it all happens from the music and drops to programs and spots. This will be your time to take over the radio airwaves! Nik will have you read the weather, liners, and info on community events. This also gives Youth Leaders a chance to tell our listeners about their group’s ministry on the radio.

To add to this fun and exciting event, we will feed everyone dinner from our meal sponsor Chick-Fil-A Lancaster! And if you thought the night couldn’t get any better, we give everyone in your group a cool WJTL Youth Group Night Shirt to take home with you!

If you are interested in being apart of this event, go ahead and sign up! Hoover over the station tab, and click on the Youth Group Night option. Fill out all the information on the form and submit! If you are picked for Youth Group Night, you will be contacted and we will sign you up for a date to join us. We have many entries coming in, so sign up today to get your group entered to join us for WJTL’s Youth Group Night!

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