1995 Top 500

Rank Song Artist
1 Friends Michael W. Smith
2 Shine Newsboys
3 Awesome God Rich Mullins
4 Thank You Ray Boltz
5 Big House Audio Adrenaline
6 Secret Ambition Michael W. Smith
7 I’m Not Ashamed Newsboys
8 Great Lengths PFR
9 The Champion Carman
10 The Warrior is A Child Twila Paris
11 Lean on Me DC Talk
12 The Great Adventure Steven Curtis Chapman
13 Destined to Win Degarmo & Key
14 Time Is DC Talk
15 In Christ Alone Michael English
16 Another Time Another Place Sandi Patty Wayne Watson
17 Beyond Belief Petra
18 God is In Control Twila Paris
19 Where There is Faith 4Him
20 Evolution Redefined Geoff Moore & The Distance
21 El Shaddai Amy Grant
22 The Coloring Song Petra
23 I Wish We’d All Been Ready Larry Norman
24 He’s Alive Don Francisco
25 When God Ran Benny Hester
26 The Hard Way DC Talk
27 We Are The Reason David Meece
28 One Man Gets Around Charlie Peacock
29 Place In This World Michael W. Smith
30 Trains Up In the Sky Mylon Lefever & Brokenheart
31 Jesus Is Just Alright DC Talk
32 Casual Christian Degarmo & Key
33 Be the One Al Denson
34 In the Kingdom Whitecross
35 I Will Be Here Steven Curtis Chapman
36 Basics of Life 4Him
37 Lovely Day Out of Eden
38 Take My Hand The Kry
39 Be Ye Glad Glad
40 Angels Disguise Whitecross
41 Just Reach Out Petra
42 Creed Petra
43 Crack the Sky Mylon Lefever & Brokenheart
44 King of the Jungle Steven Curtis Chapman
45 Watch the Lamb Ray Boltz
46 Dancing With the Dinosaur Steven Curtis Chapman
47 Lead Me On Amy Grant
48 Luv Is A Verb DC Talk
49 Praise the Lord Imperials
50 America Again Carman
51 Who’s In the House Carman
52 Touch of the Master’s Hand Wayne Watson
53 Heaven In the Real World Steven Curtis Chapman
54 Can’t Take God Away Audio Adrenaline
55 Thy Word Amy Grant
56 Great God Carman
57 Almighty Wayne Watson
58 Where Are You Going? World Wide Message Tribe
59 Asleep in the Light Keith Green
60 Rocketown Michael W. Smith
61 I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb Ray Boltz
62 I’m Accepted Degarmo & Key
63 For Future Generations 4Him
64 More Mylon Lefever & Brokenheart
65 Blue Eyes Like Janie’s Bobby Rennert
66 Sing Your Praise to the Lord Amy Grant
67 Home Free Wayne Watson
68 I Will Be Here For You Michael W. Smith
69 Angels Amy Grant
70 Cross of Gold Michael W. Smith
71 Turn Your Eyes Newsboys
72 Jesus Will Still Be There Point of Grace
73 Easter Song 2nd Chapter of Acts
74 Shine Jesus Shine Crystal Lewis
75 Pray for Me Michael W. Smith
76 Life Together Geoff Moore & The Distance
77 Father’s Eyes Amy Grant
78 Grave Robber Petra
79 Breakaway Idle Cure
80 Friend Like U Geoff Moore & The Distance
81 Great Big Stupid World Randy Stonehill
82 Desert Rose Whiteheart
83 Hero Steve Taylor
84 Rise Again Dallas Holm
85 For the Sake of the Call Steven Curtis Chapman
86 Someday Michael Sweet
87 Baby Baby Amy Grant
88 Seed to Sow Michael W. Smith
89 My World View Audio Adrenaline
90 Spirit Thing Newsboys
91 Do You Want to Know Love PFR
92 Lord You’re Beautiful Keith Green
93 How Beautiful Twila Paris
94 So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt? Keith Green
95 Do I Trust You Lord Twila Paris
96 Listen to Our Hearts Geoff Moore & The Distance
97 Praying Man Petra
98 First Love Petra
99 Facts Are Facts Steven Curtis Chapman
100 More Precious Than Silver Nitro Praise
101 Watch and Pray Twila Paris
102 Let It Rain Newsboys
103 Great Divide Point of Grace
104 Why Don’t You Look Into Jesus? Larry Norman
105 Love In Any Language Sandi Patty
106 We Believe In God Amy Grant
107 I Surrender All Clay Crosse
108 Was It a Morning Like This? Sandi Patty
109 It Is Finished Petra
110 Somewhere Somehow Michael W. Smith
111 Deep Calling Deep Margaret Becker
112 Socially Acceptable DC Talk
113 Once and For All Whiteheart
114 Picture Perfect Michael W. Smith
115 What A Friend Greg Long
116 Free At Last DC Talk
117 The Lust, The Flesh, They Eye and The Pride of Life 77’s
118 Remember Your Chains Steven Curtis Chapman
119 Don’t Let Your Heart Be Hardened Petra
120 Every Moment Degarmo & Key
121 Walk On Ashton, Becker, Dente
122 Friend of A Wounded Heart Wayne Watson
123 Change the World Imperials
124 Children of the World Amy Grant
125 J.E.S.U.S. Leon Patillo
126 When You Are A Soldier Steven Curtis Chapman
127 In the Light Charlie Peacock
128 Make My Life a Prayer to You Keith Green
129 Honestly Stryper
130 I Need to Hear From You Petra
131 He Is Not Silent Out of the Grey
132 Pray for Rain PFR
133 Love One Another Michael W. Smith
134 You’re All I Need The Kry
135 I Wanna Be Just Like You Phillips Craig & Dean
136 I Will Rejoice Mylon Lefever & Brokenheart
137 Never Say Goodbye Guardian
138 Find Us Faithful Steve Green
139 The Robe Wes King
140 Stranger to Holiness Steve Camp
141 Go West Young Man Michael W. Smith
142 Revive Us Carman
143 Runner Twila Paris
144 Never for Nothing Margaret Becker
145 Blind Man The Kry
146 Prayer Petra
147 Lazarus Carman
148 We All Need Bryan Duncan
149 A Man You Would Write About 4Him
150 That’s What Love Is For Amy Grant
151 I Will Remember You Amy Grant
152 Rescue me Geoff Moore & The Distance
153 Together As One Stryper
154 Love Takes Time Bryan Duncan
155 Where Do I Go? Ashley Cleveland & Gary Chapman
156 Don’t Censor Me Audio Adrenaline
157 Good Thing Out of Eden
158 Watch What You’re Doing Larry Norman
159 Your Love Broke Through Keith Green
160 Come To Me Ian
161 I Wanna Be A Clone Steve Taylor
162 Got to Be Tru Steven Curtis Chapman
163 Sunday’s On the Way Carman
164 Face to Face Terry Talbot
165 That’s When the Angels Rejoice Larry Bryant
166 Mary Did You Know Michael English
167 Nothings Gonna Keep Me From You Out of the Grey
168 Anything 4 U AVB
169 The Flame Passes On Whiteheart
170 Teenage Mutant Youth Group Stephen Wiley
171 Wishes Out of the Grey
172 J.E.S.U.S. Michael Sweet
173 Grace By Which I Stand Keith Green
174 You’re Mine Whitecross
175 Sheep and the Goats Keith Green
176 This Means War Petra
177 My Father’s Chair David Meece
178 Immanuel Michael Card
179 Father Daughter Harmony Phil & Alicia Keaggy
180 Let It Show John Schlitt
181 Fingertips and Noses Newsong
182 This Blood Carman
183 Bannerman Steve Taylor
184 AKA Public School Audio Adrenaline
185 The Traveler (Joy Song) Don Francisco
186 Mercy Seat The Waiting
187 Seventy Years Ago Twila Paris
188 We Are the Light Servant
189 Goldie’s Last Day PFR
190 We Will Stand Russ Taff
191 He Is Exalted Twila Paris
192 Trumpet of Jesus Imperials
193 Destined to Win ETW
194 Godgottaholdonme Geoff Moore & The Distance
195 There is A Redeemer Keith Green
196 He Came, He Saw, He Conquered Petra
197 Destiny Petra
198 Scandalon Michael Card
199 The Throne Michael W. Smith
200 Love Crusade Michael W. Smith
201 Chorus of Faith Michael Card
202 The Outlaw Michael Card
203 Strength of My Life Leslie Phillips
204 Old Enough to Know Michael W. Smith
205 Road to Zion Petra
206 Tomorrow Tonight Michael Sweet
207 In the Name of the Lord Sandi Patty
208 Easter Song Keith Green
209 Give It Away Michael W. Smith
210 Keep My Mind Margaret Becker
211 Destiny Twila Paris
212 Be Still Newsboys
213 Press On Billy Sprague
214 When I Let It Go Sierra
215 The Party’s Over Kenny Marks
216 Satan Bite The Dust Carman
217 Learning to Trust David Meece
218 Mansion Builder 2nd Chapter of Acts
219 He’ll Take Care of the Rest Keith Green
220 El Shaddai Michael Card
221 Heavenbound DC Talk
222 Sometimes Miracles Hide Bruce Carroll
223 Here I Am Rebecca St. James
224 Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music Geoff Moore & The Distance
225 Alone Together 77’s
226 Identical Twins Crumbacher
227 Meltdown Steve Taylor
228 Sometimes By Step Rich Mullins
229 Unchain Whiteheart
230 Say the Words DC Talk
231 Heaven of My Heart Whiteheart
232 King of Hearts Randy Stonehill
233 How Could You Say No? Julie Miller
234 My Place is With You Clay Crosse
235 That’s When I’ll Know I’m Home Geoff Moore & The Distance
236 Go There With You Steven Curtis Chapman
237 Which Way the Wind Blows 2nd Chapter of Acts
238 Witch’s Invitation Carman
239 Toll Free Fireworks
240 Who Am I? Margaret Becker
241 Breath of Heaven Amy Grant
242 Love Has A Hold On Me Amy Grant
243 Promise Me Aaron Jeoffrey
244 Stubborn Love Kathy Troccoli
245 Medals Russ Taff
246 Lamb of God Twila Paris
247 Come and Take My Hand Out of Eden
248 I Will Tell the World Ray Boltz
249 Find A Way Amy Grant
250 For Annie Petra
251 Everything I Do Rebecca St. James
252 Love Broke Through Phil Keaggy
253 Hey Now Amy Grant
254 Boycott Hell Newsboys
255 The Concert of the Age Phillips Craig & Dean
256 God Knows Angelo & Veronica
257 There is A Line Susan Ashton
258 Dear Shame Newsboys
259 I Will Be Free Cindy Morgan
260 Shut De Door Randy Stonehill
261 Galileo Amy Grant
262 I Can’t Stop Thinking About You The Kry
263 Love God, Hate Sin Mylon Lefever & Brokenheart
264 Perfect Union Matthew Ward
265 More to This Life Steven Curtis Chapman
266 Take Me In Petra
267 He Loves Me 2nd Chapter of Acts
268 This Time David Meece
269 He Is No Fool Twila Paris
270 Principle Man Steve Taylor
271 Don’t Tell Them Jesus Loves Them Steve Camp
272 Love Petra
273 Give Thanks Mylon Lefever & Brokenheart
274 Truth and Consequences Newsboys
275 Old Man’s Rubble Amy Grant
276 Nobody Knows Me Like You Benny Hester
277 Sierra Sierra
278 What Am I Without You Twila Paris
279 Agnus Dei Michael W. Smith
280 Once In A Lifetime David Meece
281 Watercolor Ponies Wayne Watson
282 Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music Larry Norman
283 Rest Easy Audio Adrenaline
284 You, Oh Lord, are My Refuge Cheri Keaggy
285 Nu Thang DC Talk
286 The Lord is My Shepherd Keith Green
287 Rushing Wind Keith Green
288 Time Phil Keaggy
289 The Rest of My Life David Meece
290 Open Book Petra
291 Emmanuel Amy Grant
292 Hold Me Jesus Rich Mullins
293 Since I Found You Matthew Ward
294 Whole World Petra
295 On The Other Side Michael W. Smith
296 Wait for the Healing Amy Grant
297 No Better Place Steven Curtis Chapman
298 Every Little Step David Meece
299 Love Can Do Amy Grant
300 Uglier Dakoda Motor Co.
301 10,000 Miles Newsboys
302 Midnight Oil Petra
303 Heal Our Land Michael Card
304 Lucky One Amy Grant
305 Strong Tower Phil Keaggy
306 I Have Decided Amy Grant
307 Strange Way to Save the World 4Him
308 I’ve Just Seen Jesus Sandi Patty & Larnelle Harris
309 I Luv Rap Music DC Talk
310 Nowhere Else 77’s
311 Hello Forever Scott Springer
312 Isn’t It Amazing Mark Farner
313 The Cross World Wide Message Tribe
314 Upon This Rock Sandi Patty
315 God Will Provide a Lamb Michael Card
316 Scripture Song Medley Keith Green
317 His Heart Was Always In It Whiteheart
318 Wake the Dead John Schlitt
319 I Am On the Rock Petra
320 Free Man Mylon Lefever & Brokenheart
321 Word to the Father DC Talk
322 Red, White, Black and Blue Nuveaux
323 His Eyes Steven Curtis Chapman
324 Finish Line Steve Taylor
325 In the Morning Time Tremaine Hawkins
326 Great is the Lord Michael W. Smith
327 Celebrate Teri Sesario
328 Get Out of My Life Carman
329 That Kind of Girl DC Talk
330 I Wanna Tell the World Michael W. Smith
331 Living Life Upside Down Truth
332 Amen! Praise & Glory Michael C
333 Stand Up Al Denson
334 Steady Me Out of the Grey
335 I Thirst for You Randy Stonehill
336 I Believe Wes King
337 Good To Be Alive Geoff Moore & The Distance
338 A Reason to Live Cindy Morgan
339 All This and Heaven Too Michael Sweet
340 Neither Will I Twila Paris
341 The Eagle Song Imperials
342 Table in the Wilderness Russ Taff
343 Trust Sixpence None the Richer
344 Serve the Lord Carman
345 How Majestic is Your Name Sandi Patty
346 Love Falling Down Tony Vincent
347 Lord I Love You Carman
348 Don’t Shoot the Wounded Chuck Girard
349 Meet Me At the Foot of the Cross Scott Wesley Brown
350 Saved By Grace Halo
351 How Much Love Allies
352 Today is the Day David Meece
353 Lamb of God Mylon Lefever & Brokenheart
354 All I Ever Wanted Margaret Becker
355 I Miss the Rain Bride
356 It’s Time Winans
357 Since I Gave Up Hope Steve Taylor
358 How Many Times Whiteheart
359 Today Iona
360 Sleeping Giant Petra
361 We’re A Band Audio Adrenaline
362 Eleanor It’s Raining Lost Dogs
363 Take Me Home Michael Sweet
364 Cash Cow Steve Taylor
365 He Loves Me DC Talk
366 You Can Still Pray in the USA Morgan Cryor
367 Forever Eyes Twila Paris
368 I Wish You Jesus Scott Wesley Brown
369 He’s the Rock That Doesn’t Roll Larry Norman
370 William & Maggie Charlie Peacock
371 Absolutely Positively Kenny Marks
372 Early In the Morning David Meece
373 Lord of All Carman
374 All My Tears Julie Miller
375 Arise My Love Michael Card
376 Soon Daniel Amos
377 Sunday School Rock Carman
378 You’re Not Alone Amy Grant
379 Freedom 4Him
380 If I Know You Out of the Grey
381 Here In America Rich Mullins
382 Welcome to the Next Level East to West
383 Miracles King James
384 Hand in Hand Degarmo & Key
385 From This Moment On Newsong
386 If I Stand Rich Mullins
387 Let There Be Praise Sandi Patty
388 God’s Got An Army Carman
389 Color Blind Michael W. Smith
390 Revolution Imagine This
391 Friend In My Eyes Dakoda Motor Co.
392 Fear Not, My Child Carman
393 Peace Rich Mullins
394 Whisper Your Love Sparks
395 He Is All You Need Steve Camp
396 Childlike Faith Larnelle Harris
397 If Anything Ever Happened to You BeBe & CeCe Winans
398 He Knows Brian Becker
399 Gospel Ship Mylon Lefever & Brokenheart
400 Boycott Hell Degarmo & Key
401 You Put This Love In My Heart Keith Green
402 One Heart Newsboys
403 Leesha Michael W. Smith
404 1974 Amy
405 Rock Solid Degarmo & Key
406 What Would Jesus Do? Julie Miller
407 Eyes of Heaven Mad At the World
408 Gotta Tell Somebody Don Francisco
409 Restore My Soul The Choir
410 We Will Glorify Twila Paris
411 That’s What Faith Must Be Michael Card
412 My Eyes Are Dry Keith Green
413 Go Tell John Keith Lancaster
414 Weak Days Steven Curtis Chapman
415 God’s Own Fool Michael Card
416 Emily Michael W. Smith
417 Down in the Lowlands Russ Taff
418 Sweet, Sweet Song of Salvation Larry Norman
419 Say Once More Amy Grant
420 I’ll Never Let Go Of Your Hand Don Francisco
421 Why 4Him
422 Chain of Grace Dallas Holm
423 When It’s Time to Go 4Him
424 Through His Eyes 4Him
425 Step By Step Rich Mullins
426 I’m On My Way (to Zion) World Wide Message Tribe
427 More of You Wayne Watson
428 No Condemnation Lisa Bevill
429 Beat the System Petra
430 A Beautiful Place Wayne Watson
431 The Treasure in You 77s
432 I Still Believe Russ Taff
433 Six Six Six Degarmo & Key
434 The River Will Flow Whiteheart
435 It Is Done Mastedon
436 Haven’t You Heard Ian Eskelin
437 Could He Be the Messiah? Michael W. Smith
438 Friends (All in the Family of God) Petra
439 Wings 4Him
440 Joy In the Journey Michael Card
441 Shelter of His Love Benjamin
442 Yeshua Ha Mashia Scott Springer
443 Not Gonna Bow Russ Taff
444 Invitation Whiteheart
445 The Mission Steve Green
446 Thankful Heart Petra
447 People Need the Lord Steve Green
448 Faith Kim Boyce
449 Carry On Rachel Rachel
450 Stand Up Dakoda Motor Co.
451 Shine Down Sandi Patty
452 Unknown Soldier David Meece
453 The Mountain Steven Curtis Chapman
454 Somewhere Rich Mullins
455 Highland of Love Whiteheart
456 Shotgun Angel Daniel Amos
457 Are You Ready? David Meece
458 Holy, Holy, Holy Keith Green
459 Won By One Mylon Lefever & Brokenheart
460 Don’t You Worry Allies
461 Jesus Commands Us to Go Keith Green
462 Song to My Parents (I Only Wanna See You There) Keith Green
463 Wired for Sound Michael W. Smith
464 See You In Heaven Guardian
465 Say It With Love Al Denson
466 Jesus Loves Me Michael Card
467 Kingdom Man Newsboys
468 Via Dolorosa Sandi Patty
469 No Way We Are Not Ashamed Carman
470 Faithful Forever Michael Omartian
471 All I Can Do Greg X Voltz
472 Believe in Love Russ Taff
473 Things of This World DC Talk
474 Hallelujah Chorus New Young Messiah
475 There’s Something About That Name Eddie Degarmo
476 Underneath the Blood Petra
477 Waiting for Your Love to Come Down Susan Ashton
478 In the Likeness of You Petra
479 Beautiful Scandalous Night Bennett, Daugherty, & Miller
480 When It Comes to Livin’ 4Him
481 Favorite Song of All Phillips Craig & Dean
482 Say the Name Margaret Becker
483 Live to Tell Geoff Moore & The Distance
484 Ride of Life 4Him
485 All My Days Glenn Kaiser
486 A Little More Like Jesus Brent Bourgeois
487 Circle 65dBA
488 Spinnin Round PFR
489 He Holds the Keys Steve Green
490 Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows Petra
491 I’m Asking You Today Whitecross
492 Sing Your Freedom Whiteheart
493 Blessed Are the Tears Bryan Duncan
494 Forever Mercy Altar Boys
495 Give Him Roots Clay Crosse
496 Praise Ye the Lord Forever Petra
497 Witch Hunt Petra
498 Shatter the Darkness Fireworks
499 Baby Baby Why Can’t We Mark Lowry
500 Jubilee Michael Card