Local Artist Policy

Dear Local Artist,

Thank you for your interest in WJTL. We have been blessed by the input and ministry of Christian Artists wtihin our listening area. You would be hard pressed to find another station, of any kind, anywhere, that has been impacted as much as WJTL by its local music scene. WJTL’s playlist includes more than 50 local artists of the past and present.

Our vision at WJTL is to see artists from the local area receive the recognition they are due, equal to that of national touring acts, because we believe God is at work in the local Christian Music Scene, and that He is changing lives via these local ministries. We would like to see the days gone where local artists are looked down on as inferior or second-rate citizens of the Christian Music Community. We have done our part to bolster local Christian Ministries of all kinds by supporting them and giving them a voice on WJTL. That voice not only includes playing their music, but also announcing upcoming concerts on the air and at our events page, and interviewing artists on the air, especially those artists who are doing music full time or are making a significant impact in the community.

Local Music has not been relagated to some backwater time slot on WJTL. You can hear many of the artists we play throughout the day, drive time, request time, middays, anytime, including the Praise and Worship program, Some Sort of Rock Show and Archives. We have attempted to incorporate quality local Christian Music into our playlist whenever possible.

What is the criteria for local artists being played on WJTL?

  1. Quality. We have a responsibility to our listeners to play the best written, best produced, most ministry laden songs and artists, regardless of whether they are local or national, independent or major label.
  2. Authenticity. Artists who are having an impact on our community through local shows, participation with churches and other Christian organizations are some of those we look for because we want to encourage true community involvement so that Christ can be glorified in the local body.
  3. Originality. Artists with original material and original sound are encouraged.
  4. Perseverance. While we try not to discriminate against new artists, we respect artists who have paid their dues, logged their miles and have been out there serving the Lord regardless of whether or not they have received play or record label attention.
  5. Christian Walk. While we are not the “Spiritual Police,” we are concerned about artists’ individual walks with the Lord. In this way, we are concerned by the messages in the songs and the overall live and recorded presentation.
  6. Fit. Does it fit WJTL? Is the musical style and lyrical content consistent with WJTL’s sound as determined by the staff of WJTL, based on input from listeners?

A couple of things we would like you to know about WJTL.

  1. We would love to play every sincere artist and feel badly when we cannot.
  2. We listen to everything.
  3. We are a small staff that is doing some pretty amazing things by God’s grace. We are not able to return all calls or all mail, but we do the best we can.
  4. We are trying to fit as much local music into our playlist as possible. Each week we are trying to fit many new songs (20 or 30) into 5 spots. Local artists are vying for the same airtime that national artists are, and there are more artists (national and local) than we can fit in. That three-minute slot of airtime is at a premium.
  5. Our responsibility is to our listeners. We attempt to always keep their listening habits in mind when making choices. We music test through focus groups, questionnaires, listeners’ choice, the hotline and request feedback. We feel this gives us a pretty acurate view of what WJTL listeners want.

If WJTL decides not to play your music, please keep these few things in mind.

WJTL is not the be all and end all. If you feel God is directing you to be involved in music ministry, do not let WJTL’s approval or disapproval dissuade you from your task. Sometimes we are a little slow. Win us over.

If getting played on WJTL is a make it or break it proposition for you, you should reconsider what you are doing.

If WJTL has decided not to play your music now, keep at it and keep us informed. Keep sending us stuff as you and we progress and mature. Possibly we will play your music in the future.

A few favors we have to ask of you.

Please do not call the request show and request your own music. Please do not ask your friends and family to call. It will be much more gratifying to have true fans of your music call unsolicited. That’s when we know that something is happening, when we start getting calls from listeners who have seen you in concert or have been ministered to by your music.

Please be patient with us. We receive tons of music from everywhere. We can’t play all of it. We pray and ask God to give us wisdom to help us be selective.

If you are not already, get involved in the local Christian Music Scene. Attend concerts by other local Christian artists. Get to know other local artists and pray for and encourage them. This network is invaluable and you will be blessed by this growing body of God’s people.

Please do not snipe at WJTL. If you think we are wrong or in error, pray for us that God would open our eyes.

Support WJTL financially and in prayer. This is how WJTL stays on the air. If you are interested in investing in the lives of WJTL listeners, these are two tangible ways.

Please do not develop a “what can WJTL do for me?” mentality. We are not here for you, “the Christian artist.” WJTL’s goal is to glorify God, encourage the body and reach prebelievers. That’s why our concern is how, together, we can minister to the Body of Christ via WJTL.

One last thing. The hardest thing to do is to tell someone their music is not good enough. Either the recording or the writing or the performance just does not reach WJTL’s standards. Music is very personal. When you are an artist or a performer it is like your baby. We try to be very tactful about how we tell someone that their music is not good enough. Try to hear what we are saying. We are not saying you are not good enough, or that the Lord just can’t use you. We are just saying that your song is not right for WJTL at this time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and may God Bless you as you serve Him.

The Staff of WJTL

For airplay consideration please mail a cd to: WJTL, 1875 Junction Rd Manheim, PA 17545  ATTN: Phil Smith. Please include a phone number, email address and a contact name. All cd’s sent to WJTL become the property of WJTL and will not be returned under any circumstances. You may also submit an iTunes compatible mp3 file to Phil Smith –  Email Phil

We do ask one favor, please do not call the station repeatedly to ask about whether your music will be played. Rather, allow WJTL to contact you instead. This will help minimize calls to the Music Director.