Artist Policy

WJTL Airplay

Thank you for your interest in being played on WJTL. Please read the helpful info below before submitting your music.

Each week we are trying to fit many new songs (20 or 30) into 5 spots. Local artists are vying for the same airtime that national artists are, and of course, there are more artists (national and local) than we can fit in.

We take many things into consideration when choosing music for airplay. Content, Recording Quality, Style, and Popularity are a few. WJTL is a mostly music, Contemporary Christian Music station. Though we are not able to play all styles of Christian music in our regular rotation, we do have some specialty programs like The Praise and Worship Show, The Archives, Some Sort of Rock Show and The Kids Cookie Break that cater to more specific audiences.

We have a responsibility to our listeners to play the best written, best produced, most ministry laden songs and artists, regardless of whether they are local, national, independent or from a major label.

Feedback from our Request Shows, National Countdowns, Local Interest, Sales, and More come into play as we add and drop songs.

A few favors we have to ask of you.

Please do not call the request show and request your own music.

Please do not ask your friends and family to call. Let fans of your music call unsolicited. We can tell that something is happening when we start getting calls from listeners who have seen you in concert or have been ministered to by your music.

Please be patient with us. We receive tons of music from everywhere.

Please don’t force us to explain why we are unable to play your music. Sometimes the recording quality, writing or performance just does not reach radio standards. If the song is being played on the weekend at your local church and blessing the community. Praise God for that!! It doesn’t necessarily mean it is radio ready. Please trust that if we have constructive feedback to offer, we really will.

To submit your music to WJTL, please email your mp3 to or mail a CD to :

Attn: Music Director
1875 Junction Road
Manheim, PA 17545.

Please include a phone number, email address, and a contact name. CD’s sent to WJTL will not be returned.