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Great New Music!

May 10th, 2010


Two of my favorite bands are releasing new CDs!!!
If you like artists who are talented, creative and pretty much overall amazing, then check out the new CDs coming out from The Lost Dogs and The Choir! (Derri Daugherty & Steve Hindalong are in both bands.) The Lost Dogs have their new CD, “Old Angel” coming out May 11th – TOMORROW!!! “This is a one of a kind recording, a story told in each song. Your listening experience will feel like you were along for the ride. It’s the next best thing!” They will be in Camp Hill on May 18th – so you can catch a show and grab yourself a CD at the same time! We already have our tickets, so hope to see you there!!!
You have to wait a little longer for The Choir, whose CD is coming out June 29th!!! The Choir is an amazingly talented group who has been around since 1980. “The various distinct elements; Hindalong’s unique drum perspectives and immediately evocative lyrics, Daugherty’s crystalline voice (LOVE his voice!) and echoing guitar, Chandler’s muscular, yet persistently melodic bass, Michaels’ tasteful use of sax and synth and Byrd’s excellent backing vocals, tight guitar skills and increasingly powerful songwriting talents, combine as a seamless garment of musical grace. Twenty-five years into their journey, The Choir is as amazing as ever.”
“The Choir may be one of the best, and most influential bands, you’ve never heard of.”

Ann D’Alessandro


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