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Making friends in Cameron, LA

March 11th, 2009

I had the opportunity to talk with some amazing people here in Cameron today. I invite you to listen to my conversation with Tina who was cleaning up glass from her land where her trailer once stood. Her neighbor is Mr. Bean whose home is being rebuilt by Mennonite Disaster Service. She has an amazing faith.

This next audio bit is an interview with Gail Boudreaux. Her house was rebuilt after Rita, but then damaged from Ike. MDS volunteers have been working to help get Gail back in her house.

And this man, Sherril Authement is a neighbor to another MDS work site. I like his comments about the “mennonites”:) An example of how the MDS workers are loved and respected here.

Tomorrow (Wednesday morning) I will head out with the crew to another MDS site here and then I leave for Diamond, LA which is close to a 5 hour drive. Part of me is excited to move on while part of me is not ready to leave. There are so many stories still to hear and people to meet. I wasn’t prepared for the devastation and destruction I’ve witnessed here. I knew there was rebuilding to be done, but thought it would be in certain areas or pockets of the town, but it’s everywhere! Tomorrow I will share some of the pictures I’ve taken to give you a better idea of how overwhelming the clean up is for these people.

If you are considering a volunteer service mission trip I invite you to check out the opportunities with MDS. The beauty of working with MDS that I’ve loved is seeing people from so many different faith backgrounds come together to serve in the name of Jesus. A taste of what heaven will be like-minus the mosquitoes!


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