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Brooke Fraser

August 3rd, 2010 3 comments

ASHLEA BRENEMAN – Please forgive me for the gushing and absolute giddiness that is about to ensue.

I just saw today that Brooke Fraser’s new album, flags, comes out October 12th! I LOVED Brooke’s last album, Albertine, and have anxiously been waiting for new music. You can preview (and even buy) one of the tracks on the new album called “Something in the Water.” It is absolutely delightful!

What makes me even more excited though, is the fact that Brooke will be touring to support the new album and she will be touring in the US! Check out Brooke’s website for more info on the album and concert dates.

What’s your favorite song off of Brooke’s last album? I loved “Albertine,” “C.S. Lewis Song” and of course “Shadowfeet.”

Are any of you as excited about this as me?

Ashlea Breneman