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June 28th, 2010 10 comments

EDDIE DANIELS – A few weeks ago, Kristi Leigh and I were brainstorming ideas for Creation 2010. Last year we had artists play and autograph a Wii console when they came into the WJTL trailer for an interview at the Creation Festival. We then auctioned off the Wii and gave all of the money from the auction to our friends at Compassion International.

We wanted to do something similar – yet different – this year: something that would be fun for the artists to interact with while they were in for their interview and at the same time something that could end up helping the folks at Compassion.

A short while later, we landed on the idea of creating the first-ever WJTL Creation Coloring Book. I would doodle cartoons of all of the artists appearing on the Main Stage and the Fringe Stage at Creation East and when they came in to interview with Kristi or Ashlea, they could autograph and color their page.

After the festival, we’ll put the coloring book up for auction on eBay and once again donate the proceeds to Compassion International.

It’s a project we’re all really excited about and hopefully the artists (and you!) will be, too. Chris and Conrad found their doodle and talked with Kristi about it on the air. Fortunately, they seemed to be happy with their cartoon doppelgangers. Below are the doodles that make up the coloring book. Of course, this is what they look like pre-Creation Festival, before they’ve been colored in and autographed. We’ll keep you posted and let you know as soon as the coloring book goes up for auction.

I hope you enjoy these doodles and have as much fun trying to figure out who they are as I had drawing them!

Eddie Daniels, Video Guy