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Camping Questions

June 2nd, 2010

STACEY GAGNE – This past weekend I went camping.  It was the first time I’d ever done the “carry in on your back what you need” kind of backpacking camping vs. the “throw everything you own into a car and then go camp by your car” kind I had been used to.  🙂  I loved it.  LOVED it.  I can’t wait to go again.  Figuring out what to bring was a challenge and strapping it into my backpack or onto my bike was also a bit daunting… but there was something freeing about the simplicity of it all.   No mirrors.  No cell phone service.  No Facebook.  Sharing our supplies.  Cooking together and eating around a fire.   Hiking down to the creek which doubled as “the fridge”. etc. etc.   It was awesome… for 2.5 days

However, Sunday afternoon we came home.   We stopped on the way home for ice cream.  We went home to our washing machines and running water and delivery pizza (which tasted AMAZING because we were so hungry and we didn’t have to do a thing to prepare it).  Whenever I want a drink of water I go to the faucet or the water cooler without really thinking about it.  Though… today,  I actually have thought about it.    I’ve been thinking about the conveniences I have and others who don’t have them.   What if I lived in a place where life was more primitive?  What would I miss most?  What distractions would I be glad to be free of.   What does that kind of community look like when it’s no longer just a weekend adventure?  What do I truly need vs what am I just used to?

I never knew that a weekend camping would get me asking myself so many questions.

Stacey M. Gagne

I like camping… and soft serve ice cream

  1. Stu Metzler
    June 2nd, 2010 at 11:30 | #1

    Good thinkin’ Stace. I think we all could simplify more…

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