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From Bumpers to Books

August 21st, 2013 No comments

Now that the Bumper Sticker Bonanza is winding down for the summer, we interns would like to reflect on our time here at WJTL and the fun we have had.  Of all the things that we do as interns, sticker spotting is definitely a favorite!  Surprising someone with a prize just for supporting their favorite local Christian radio station is a great feeling.  Even more than that, getting to meet the winners as we place the envelope on the windshield or after they have won is so rewarding!

Do not worry though!  Even though the Bonanza is coming to a close, if you find an envelope on your windshield or would like to send a picture in to win, you still can!

The listeners here in the Susquehanna Valley are a strong community for the WJTL ministry and the Bumper Sticker Bonanza has shown that!  With your support through word of mouth, bumper stickers and other displays of WJTL pride as well as your faithful donations, it is you, the listeners, that make us what we are.  Without you, none of this would be possible!

As we interns go back to school we will remember our time here with great fondness.  We have learned a lot, not only from those that work here, but also from those we met spotting stickers and doing live remotes.  As for me, I have been truly blessed to personally witness all of the excitement for WJTL and the Bumper Sticker Bonanza.

It has been a busy summer full of hard work and sending out prizes.  But my prize was getting to meet all kinds of people, getting great experience, and being here to answer the emails as you send it in to win!


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Stick to It!

August 14th, 2013 1 comment

During this summer, bumper sticker spotting has taken us some pretty cool places.  There are WJTL bumper stickers everywhere!  We have had listeners send in pictures of their stickers from New Jersey, Maryland and New York!   There is even a WJTL bumper sticker in Sweden thanks to a young man who came to visit and is now proudly sporting his sticker on his car.

A lot of the sticker spotting is done in our local area but we take our Bonanza packets to every live event.  Some of us even take our materials on vacation with us!  You can win the Bumper Sticker Bonanza from anywhere.

We are still out spotting stickers all over our local listening area.  More than that, we still have great prizes from local businesses, WJTL cinch packs and CDs from some great Christian artists.  So keep an eye out for a Bumper Sticker Bonanza envelope on your windshield or, as usual, you can send it in to win!


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Bumper Sticker Bonanza – Request. Enter. Win!

August 7th, 2013 1 comment

The interns have been very busy keeping up with all the bumper sticker requests and contest entries that have been sent in over the summer.  In fact, we have received as many, if not more, requests for bumper stickers as we have contest entries.  It is wonderful that so many people are so excited about WJTL!

As exciting as it is to receive a variety of colorful bumper stickers in the mail, it does not exclude you from sending your photo in to win.  Some of the most recent winners of the Bumper Sticker Bonanza requested their sticker just this summer.  Now their sticker is on display on their vehicle and on the WJTL Facebook page!

Even though it may feel like it, requesting a bumper sticker is not like winning a prize from the station.  Recipients are encouraged to pass on any extra stickers that they receive, but they are still perfectly eligible to win the Bonanza Contest.

Requesting a bumper sticker is easy!  Just email with your name, address and what kind and color sticker you would like.  We have both regular bumper stickers as well as window clings.  We also have the 90.3 bumper stickers as well as Kids Cookie Break stickers and magnets.

Once you receive your stickers, simply place them on your vehicle, take a picture, and send it in!  Just remember to make sure that you either include your address or tell us that you recently requested a sticker; that way we can sent you your prize!  If you have already requested a WJTL bumper sticker don’t forget to send it in to win!


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Where Bumper Stickers Touch Lives

July 31st, 2013 No comments


There are many different reasons for wanting to sport the iconic WJTL bumper sticker on your vehicle.  I have heard from many different people that their bumper or static sticker looks great on their car.  Some of the pictures we have received have had some pretty interesting designs.  But these stickers are more than just a fashionable accessory that gives your car character.

Did you know that by showing off your WJTL sticker that you are not only supporting your favorite local Christian radio station, but helping us spread God’s word?  By sporting a bumper sticker you are letting others know about WJTL so that they can tune in.  We have heard from people who have seen our sticker on a listener’s car, turned their dial to FM 90.3 and their lives have been changed because of it!  If one sticker can do that, think of how many lives even 50 or 100 stickers can touch.

In all honesty, we here at WJTL could broadcast all we want, but it is you, the listeners, who make us a success through your love and support.  God uses your bumper sticker to help us get His message out to more people.  So when you send your bumper sticker in to win, just remember, you are not only entering for a chance to win some great prizes, you are helping to share God’s word, just by driving your car!

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Spotting All Stickers!

July 23rd, 2013 No comments


As you might have seen on the WJTL Facebook page, listeners are not just sending in pictures of their new bumper stickers.  There are a few pictures of longtime listeners’ bumper stickers which feature the old logo.  It is really cool to see the different stickers because it shows how different each listener is.  It shows their personality.  Some people started listening since they moved into the area and others have been listening since they were children.

Did you know that we are spotting Kids Cookie Break Stickers too?  Show off how much you love the Kids Cookie Break by positioning a KCB sticker on your bumper or on your window.  You could also affix a KCB magnet to your car to preserve the paint.  Once you have done that, don’t forget to send us a picture for a chance to win!

You can win with any of the WJTL bumper stickers including the Kids Cookie Break Sticker and the 90.3 Sticker.  We know you love the iconic retro WJTL sticker; let us know you have one and we’ll be happy to send you a shiny new one to put next to it.

In fact, we’d be happy to send you any of the WJTL stickers to give your vehicle even more personality.  So whether you have been listening since you were young or only just picked up our broadcast, email to get your WJTL bumper sticker today and send it in to win!

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WJTL Bumper Sticker Bonanza

July 14th, 2013 No comments

The winners for the 2013 Bumper Sticker Bonanza are starting to really pour in and it is so interesting to see how everyone displays their WJTL Pride! Now that the Bonanza is in full swing what I want to know is what you love about WJTL? There have been old stickers and new stickers used in some pretty creative ways. If you look on the WJTL Facebook page there is even a sticker being used to cover up some chipping paint. Let me tell you, a shiny new WJTL bumper sticker can sure make an old paint job look pretty spiffy!

Personally, I just love how excited everyone gets about the Bumper Sticker Bonanza among other things. Here in the office, it is thrilling whenever a winner sends it in to win and the winners get even more pumped up. Once, when I was spotting, the winners happened to see me placing the envelope on their vehicle, and they were delighted! We are even adding some more great prizes like gift cards from Bruster’s Ice Cream and Lickity Split Restaurant as well as CDs by Audio Adrenaline, Jeremy Camp and Bebo Norman.

We are starting to get at least one entry per day through and we are trying really hard to make sure every winner gets a prize they can get excited about. But in your excitement don’t forget to include your name and address with your entry! Some people enjoy winning prizes from WJTL and other local businesses, others love hearing their favorite music on the radio and some enjoy just supporting their favorite Christian station. So what makes you want to display you WJTL Pride?




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Bumper Sticker Bonanza 2013

June 30th, 2013 No comments


There are two ways to win in WJTL’s Bumper Sticker Bonanza this year. You send a picture of your WJTL Bumper Sticker to us!  That’s right, send it in to win!  Or If you are spotted by any of WJTL’s staff you will be a winner too! Get your sticker at any of WJTL’s live events or request one to be mailed to you by emailing or call the station at (717).392.3690.  Winners will be announced on air and posted on Facebook.  So listen live and keep checking our Facebook page!

Entries Must Include:

  • A picture of your WJTL bumper sticker on your vehicle emailed to
  • Your name, address, phone number and your email address

Contest Rules:

  • One entry per person/vehicle
  • Comments left on this blog DO NOT count as entries into the contest

With prizes like Maggie Moo’s, YoFro, Twin Kiss and Sweet Frog gift certificates, and a WJTL cinch pack from DavCo as well as CDs and DVDs from our prize stash (The Real Life, Jenny Simmons, North Point, Hawk Nelson, Mars Hill, or Sanctus Real) and other great prizes, winners are sure to keep cool all summer long!


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