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Youth Group Night Starting!

August 27th, 2017 No comments

School is starting, or has already started for some of you. That means that we are ready to start a new season of WJTL’s Youth Group Night here at the Junction Center!

What is Youth Group Night? It’s a FREE event for Youth Leaders and their groups to come learn about Radio, Promotions, Music and WJTL. We will teach your group about our station, how it differs from other stations, and how you can get involved. Here’s some activities you will be participating in during that night.

At our first station, you will spend time with John Staffieri grading music. John will play music we are or will begin playing at WJTL, and you get to grade it. This lets us know what kind of music you like! Our second station is in the Production Room with myself, Katlyn Jumper. Here we will learn what goes on behind the scenes of WJTL from video to audio production. You will even get the chance to create your own radio spots for WJTL, Some Sort of Rock Show, and Kids Cookie Break. The final, and favored station is going LIVE on the radio with Nik at Nite. She will show you how it all happens from the music and drops to programs and spots. This will be your time to take over the radio airwaves! Nik will have you read the weather, liners, and info on community events. This also gives Youth Leaders a chance to tell our listeners about their group’s ministry on the radio.

To add to this fun and exciting event, we will feed everyone dinner from our meal sponsor Chick-Fil-A Lancaster! And if you thought the night couldn’t get any better, we give everyone in your group a cool WJTL Youth Group Night Shirt to take home with you!

If you are interested in being apart of this event, go ahead and sign up! Hoover over the station tab, and click on the Youth Group Night option. Fill out all the information on the form and submit! If you are picked for Youth Group Night, you will be contacted and we will sign you up for a date to join us. We have many entries coming in, so sign up today to get your group entered to join us for WJTL’s Youth Group Night!

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Priceless: Now Playing! Learn More!

October 28th, 2016 No comments

Starting off as a song, Priceless is a movie that is inspiring many. Over the weekend, Joey and myself drove out to Bloomsburg to see the movie Priceless. It was very powerful, inspiring, and truly a movement in itself. Here’s some more information on the movie, the song, my experience, and where you can see it now!

The band, For King and Country wrote the song “Priceless” for the anniversary addition of their sophomore album “Run Wild, Live Free, Love Strong”. This song sparked a movement on the issue of the worth of women. For King and Country wrote Priceless to remind others that women, as well as men, are worth more to God than anything. That is especially true in situations like relationships. The song spoke so much to listeners and the band, that two years ago, they decided to make a movie devoted to showing a women’s worth. Focusing on the issue of Human Trafficking. You can read the synopsis of the movie at

Going into the movie, I expected there to be drama and a great message, but came out with so much more. James’s background story was harsh. He had gone though a lot with his family. The way that his personality changed as the movie went on, and how he saw the worth of those women was unreal. While watching the movie, I would think from time to time, that this movie is based on true stories, meaning that these events still play on right now. Many men take for granted the worth of women and put them at a price, but truly, we are all priceless in the eyes of God.  This movie is sparking a movement called The Priceless Movement. They are raising awareness to Human Trafficking and building homes where these people can find refuge physical and spiritually though christ.

As in a rating stand point, I give it two big thumbs up. The video quality was good for a small family staff, and the music was well done. The actors were well picked, and fit into their roles well. The rating for the movie is PG-13. I highly recommend to not take children that aren’t yet in middle school because of some violent scenes, and the topic of Human Trafficking.

Over all, I am so thrilled for this movie. I believe that it’s movement can spark and change our future generation. Now you can see it too! As of today, October 28th, Priceless is playing at Penn Cinema in Lititz!! For more information on the movie or the movement, check out the websites below. Take your youth group, family, or friends and see this movie. You will not regret it! And always remember, you are “Oh so Priceless!”


Bumper Sticker Spotting at Creation!

June 23rd, 2016 No comments

Creation Festival 2016 is on the horizon! With only one week left, the WJTL road crew is packing their bags and heading at Agape Farm in Mount Union Pennsylvania. I am blessed to be joining this awesome crew again this summer again! And you know what that means?? We are taking the Bumper Sticker Contest on the road!

While you are at Creation, you have the chance to win one of our 2016 Bumper Sticker Contest prize packs! How do you win you might ask? Just get one of our WJTL Window Clings or Bumper Stickers, place it on your car, and be at Creation Festival 2016! I will be on the lookout throughout the festival for those bumper stickers!

This would be the time you would ask, “Well Katlyn, what do I win if I am spotted?” You are going to win a prize pack that includes, music, pencils, pens, wristbands, sticks, notepads, a WJTL bag for all your travel needs, as well as much more!

Now d0n’t worry! If you aren’t spotted, or you can’t make it to Creation, we will be giving away prizes all summer long! There are two ways you can win after Creation! Email us a picture of your bumper stickered car to with your name, address, and phone number. You can also be spotted in our listening area!

I’m so looking forward to Creation Festival 2016 and Bumper Sticker Spotting! Don’t forget to stop by the WJTL Table at Creation to win even more prizes, hang out, and meet myself and the team! Excited to see and meet you at Creation!

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Bumper Sticker Spotting 2016!

June 20th, 2016 No comments

It’s summer time! Do you know what that means? We are spotting bumper stickers! This summer, you can win some great prizes by just placing a WJTL Bumper sticker or window cling on your car! There are two ways you can win this summer.

One way is by being spotted in our listening area. If you don’t have a bumper sticker, email us at with your name and address, and I will personally mail you one! Another way you can win is sending me a picture of your vehicle to with your name and address.

This summer we are giving away some great prize packs. The prize pack includes, music, stickers, pencils, a travel mug, pens, and a bag for all your car and shopping needs.

Can’t wait to get out spotting for your cars with our WJTL bumper stickers. Stay tuned for more ways to win over the summer at Creation, our live remotes, and more! Here’s to a start of a great summer of spotting!

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Meet Katlyn Jumper

October 18th, 2015 1 comment

KATLYN JUMPER – Hello Listeners! My name is Katlyn Jumper and I am a new DJ here at WJTL! You might have seen me or heard me this summer. That is because I am formally  known as Intern Katlyn. Many of you will hear me or have heard me on Sunday’s from 12-6 sharing music, stories and much more. You can also catch me at a few of the WJTL events. I just wanted to take the time for you to get to know me more!

I am senior Music Business major at Lebanon Valley College. Starting last semester, I had a great interest in music streaming and wanted to get my foot in the door through radio broadcasting. Who would have thought that I would be here at WJTL as one of your DJs! As well as a radio DJ, I am a very active member of our music department at Lebanon Valley College. I serve as the 2015 VALE Conference President and will be helping host the 11th annual VALE Conference and is also the 1st VALE Media Industries Conference. I am also an active participant in the Pride of the Valley Marching Band, Jazz Band, Low Brass Ensemble, the woman’s professional music fraternity Sigma Alpha Iota.

While I am not busy with school, I enjoy many other activities including playing guitar, writing music, reading, and traveling to new and old places! I like to travel a lot because I am not originally from Lancaster Country. I grew up near the Wilkes Barre/Scranton area in Luzerne Country. I am the oldest of three siblings. I have a younger brother, Douglas, who is a senior in high school and a younger sister, Lauren, who is a sophomore in high school. When I get the change I love to visit them as well as my wonderful parents and grandparents. I also enjoy visiting my boyfriend Josh, who is a recent graduate of Lebanon Valley College. We enjoy traveling and taking new adventures together.

I have enjoyed my time at WJTL so much that I am looking forward to my future with them. My hope from my journey with WJTL is to grow more in my career, my spirit and my personality. I have so much to look forward too and am ready to continue growing in my broadcasting career! Don’t forget to tune in to hear me on Sunday’s from 12-6. Looking forward to meeting you at our next WJTL event!

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