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Great to be back home!

October 5th, 2011 No comments

As I was driving to the studio this morning, my mind raced back to my first-ever drive to WJTL.  A lot was different in November 1985—a lot.  Not only with life but with the station itself.  Over the past 26 years I have gotten married, raised two amazing kids, lived in Tennessee, western Pennsylvania and the western suburbs of Philadelphia.  Now I live in western Lancaster County.  
Although I won’t bore you with the details, I will tell you that every move marked a new season and new adventure in life.    God used some of the smallest things to teach me the biggest lessons and grow me in ways I never dreamed possible.  Was there stress?  Of course.  Was there joy?  Absolutely!  Every bend in the road required a choice on my part.  Would I dread it or dream it?  Would the challenges be escaped or embraced?  I am thankful that God’s grace is amazing and His mercies are new every morning!  This is because even though not every choice was right, it was not outside His desire to use it to mold me.  It’s one thing to read Romans 8:28; it’s another thing to experience it.
So now my wife of 20+ years Crystal and my two kids Sarah (18) and Matt (15) are back home!  

When I am not at WJTL, I am the lead pastor of Oasis Christian Fellowship in Mountville.  Even though I grew up a “Jersey boy,” the Susquehanna Valley will always feel like home.  And although a lot has changed at WJTL, one very important thing has not; The joy of the Lord!!!  

Peace, Rick

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