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Four local organizations compete in Pepsi Refresh Project

May 11th, 2010

STACEY GAGNE – I’ve been voting on my personal facebook and have re-posted on the WJTL  Facebook in hopes of helping our friends at Teen Haven win a grant through Pepsi’s Refresh Project.  Today, I received a press release encouraging us to vote for some of the other local organizations competing in the project.     You can vote for Teen Haven, the Lancaster Conservatory of Music and Aevidum during the month of May to be among the 10 grant recipients of $50,000.  The Skip Project is competing to be onee of two $250.00 grants.    You can find out the details and vote at refresheverything.com.

The link for Teen Haven is refresheverything.com/teenhaven and would provide a complete gym makeover at the Lancaster City Youth Center.  As a division of Water Street Ministries, Teen Haven helps urban youth develop leadership skills. These teens are passionate about improving the city and see this project as a way to impact their peers and refresh their community. It’s just a few clicks and could help teens in our community.  🙂   Having personally worked a few years  at Water Street with their youth programs,  I know too well how great a blessing a new gym would be to them and am glad to help give some attention to this opportunity!!

Thanks to Water Street Ministries for the details I’ve taken from their press release.  If you’d like me to forward a copy to you for your colleagues, please let me know.

Stacey M. Gagne

WJTL Office Manager