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Lisa Landis prepares to travel with EMM to West Africa-The Gambia and Guinea-Bissau April 13-20, 2010

March 3rd, 2010

I invite you to join me via the airwaves as I take the Get Up & Go Show to West Africa with Eastern Mennonite Missions April 13-20, 2010.  I’m excited to bring you pictures, interviews, & videos of the groundbreaking work EMM is doing in The Gambia and Guinea-Bissau.

In 2005, EMM began work in West Africa, where numerous fellowship groups of believers are emerging in The Gambia and Guinea-Bissau. In this mission-to-world context, EMM workers are involved in evangelism, discipling, church planting, leadership development, and community development that has economic, educational, and medical aspects.

One of the EMM projects in Catel, Guinea-Bissau is construction of an elementary school building.  There are at least 300 elementary age school children in the village of Catel.  Many of them do not attend school and almost none of them are literate.  The lack of education for the children further reinforces the low self-esteem and poverty mentality of the villagers. This project is an important step in village development.

At present the school campus includes two structures.

One is made of palm fronds and needs to be rebuilt every year after the rainy season.

The other building is two rooms made of mud bricks and plastered with cement and it has a corrugated tin roof.  The villagers themselves have built this building but to this point construction has not been completed.  Part of the reason why the school functions at a very inefficient level is because of the lack of a permanent building.

WJTL & EMM will be looking for your help in raising money to erect a 4-room classroom school including a small school office room.   This is an exciting opportunity to reach out to the people of Catel, Guinea-Bissau and I can’t wait to tell you more!

While I am broadcasting from Guinea-Bissau EMM will also be unveiling the African artwork of Liz Hess.   Lancaster artist Liz Hess has created African images that tell the story of the Israelites as slaves in Egypt, on a journey, finally arriving  in the promised land.  Guinea-Bissau is a story sharing culture that will finally-thanks to EMM and Lancaster artist Liz Hess- be able to better comprehend the biblical stories by viewing pictures of people who look like them.  We will bring you coverage of the local Lancaster unveiling of Liz’s artwork as well as the unveiling in Africa.

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