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Little Treasures

October 5th, 2010

STACEY GAGNE – While we were visiting one of the Compassion sites I was hanging around outside while students were coming back to the church/Compassion project from their schools.  I tried to “start conversation” though there wasn’t an interpreter nearby.  I started goofing around with them and then one of them noticed that I had a journal similar to their notebooks from school.  While we were communicating (and they were laughing at me) they started to peek into my open purse and noticed the camera and other “goodies” in their.  The bright orange Post-it notes caught someones eye, so I pulled them out.  It turned into a frenzy of excitement as I began to hand out a post it note to each child.  Not a packet, just one little sticky tabbed square each.  Word got out and children told their friends and suddenly I was like a type of Santa Claus with my cool orange post it notes.

Wow.  The little things are treasures to these kids.  For those of you who are current sponsors of children through Compassion International,  your letters and little goodies like stickers and coloring pages are treasures … not to mention the many gifts and supplies these children receive because of your sponsorship.  For those of you who are not yet sponsors, please pray about it and consider sponsoring a child during our 26 Hours of Compassion October 19 and 20.  There are so many children out there who God wants to use us to touch!

  1. Katie
    October 5th, 2010 at 19:37 | #1

    Thanks for sharing about your trip, Stacey. I have been touched and inspired by your blogs!

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