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Real News of Inspiration

November 13th, 2011 2 comments


Here’s this week’s Real News of Inspiration:

From Lancaster Online’s Jimmy Pianka

Can you imagine losing your entire family in the span of a few minutes?  Robert Rogers doesn’t have to imagine.  While driving with his family, a flash flood swept his car off the road and scattered his family. When he finally emerged from thewater, Robert was more than a mile away from his vehicle.  While vainly trying to rescue his children-still in cars seats-Robert remembers feeling a strange peace.  He said of the incident, “I could literally sense the peace of God assuring methat they were all going to heaven and that it was all going to be OK.”  Now Robert Rogers uses this tragedy to encourage others in their faith by living with no regrets.  His ministry is completely funded by donations and sales of his book, “Into the Deep: One Man’s Story of How Tragedy
Took His Family but Could Not Take His Faith.”  For more information on Robert Rogers, visit