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Real News of Inspiration

August 28th, 2011 No comments


Here’s this week’s Real News of Inspiration

From Lancaster Online’s Joan Kern

Can worshipping help you know what to do with your life?  For Rev. Richard Cowles Jr. it did.  While singing an anthem at Moravian College, he felt called to go into pastoral ministry.  His journey, which has been mostly in upstate New York, has led him to Church of the Apostles UCC in Lancaster.  Rev. Cowles is excited about his new position at Church of the Apostles.  He points to an active congregation with a preschool program, a food pantry and a concert series.  Rev. Cowles believes that this church can make a big impact on the local community.  He sees music as a big part of that.  Rev. Cowles says, “I love to use music as a source of joy and sustenance in times of trouble and to help build up community.”