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Today’s Opportunity to Grow Toward Christ-Agility

April 25th, 2011

JOHN SHIRK – Agility is a term for the mind and the feet.

It means the ability to think and draw conclusions quickly.

It also means, the power of moving quickly and easily.

First Peter 1:13 is a verse that calls for agility of our minds.

The New International Version urges us to “prepare our minds for action.”  And the King James Version urges us to “gird up the loins of our minds.” In the first century, the reader was challenged to literally gather up his long, flowing garment and be ready to move.

Sometimes, when a request is made of someone, their willingness to help can be understood by how promptly and quickly they respond to that request. With a sober mind, we are ready to respond quickly to the voice of God when He calls us into action.  One of the pieces of armor that God wants us to wear for the spiritual battles of life is ready feet to take the good news of Jesus to the streets.

Agility is a character quality that enables us to represent Jesus in the world today.

John Shirk


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