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Dot-to-Dot Personal Faith Action Plan

January 4th, 2016

NIK – For THE Dot-to-DOT GREAT REVEAL, we no longer needed to be told to take up the crayon and physically draw short lines–number to number. At some point in development, there was a change.  Now, we were mentally able to connect the dots that created the picture, especially, if there were context clues. Our very bright mind drew around the picture for us, and reality was–we needed no numbers at all to make something magnificent appear upon the page.

If only faith was that linear (where we know for certain two comes after one and so on or in some cases in life, where is that big INKY dot-to-dot STAR that tells us “Start Here”).  That STAR does represent a beginning or a mark identifying “You Are Here.”  But reality is, a journey proceeds the starred starting point–just as it did that famous first “Christmas” with those familiar Kings we sang about who traveled so far.
I look back in my faith journey thinking If only she “got” the picture.

This younger version of myself, didn’t have the capacity or development that comes from “journey-ing.” Faith is not a simple walk in the park because the one we were made in the image of—Almighty God—is infinitely greater than that default trinity I love so much: “me, myself and I.”

Following the proverbial dot-to-dot could be a sign we’re growing in our faith. Growing doesn’t make us juvenile; rather it’s a working out of personal salvation, redemption, and unfathomable grace.  This is our journey.  In contrast, if we want to remain where we can quickly call out the picture on the page (without first putting in the more meticulous work line by line) it may mean it is time to stoke the fire of our faith journey–find a proverbial camel and get after the starting star.


It’s in the making.  This year, I’m proposing thoughtful time for a dot-to-dot.

[Twelve months act as dots; for example, January is one, February is two and on to December which is twelve.] Compare you, my camel rider, last year to this one (i.e.where was I after Christmas 2014. Recall things like family, health, habits, relationships, money, personal time in God’s word etc.) and most importantly pray. Prayerfully, ask God to reveal the picture in the making that He sees complete. God has a plan for you this year, as He does for me. I think it’s a valid goal to spend less time putting God in the picture and more time understanding His powerful orchestration and plan. He is the publisher of this dot-to-dot we call history and future and life. He’s overseer of these lines drawn, and builder of our very bright mind created to glorify Him. Let’s begin to draw one line at a time! Journey month by month with awareness.  Let’s read God’s word, pray alone, pray together, be accountable, and, my friends, let’s be His disciples!  We, too, will find Him!

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