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Mike Farris Winning Weekend!

July 22nd, 2016

It’s a MIKE FARRIS WINNING WEEKEND!!  2015 Grammy Award Winner Mike Farris is coming to The Junction Center on Friday, July 29th at 7pm. His music is diverse but tends to be rooted in early American gospel and blues. You can hear his songs “Power of Love” &  “The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow” off of his “Shine For All The People” CD on WJTL.  You can find out more about Mike Farris, his music and his amazing testimony by watching  his “Shine For All The People” Mini-Documentary.  717-392-3690


**Caller must not have won from WJTL in the past 30 days.

**Please make sure you are available to come on Friday, July 29th.

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