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“Rock and Hard Place” Obedience

March 24th, 2016

NIK – As I played the song,* I was thinking is it “my joy to say ‘Your will Your way.  Always’” to Jesus?  Honestly, joy seems like a strong word next to “rock and hard place” obedience.  Then I remembered a word Jesus said to his three closest friends, followed by a prayer Jesus said to His father (a question or maybe a different way), followed by full and vital surrender, agreement with His father.  This is true worship that has forever changed life; changed my life.

Matt 26:37-42 says it best.  I marked it in my Bible for you, and it’s posted on facebook.

*visit the WJTL facebook page for song info from the Non-Stop Worship Block (M-Th at 10:37) with your host Nik at Night.


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