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Sanding Drywall in Cameron, LA with MDS

March 9th, 2009

Today I’m covered in drywall dust as my short-term volunteer group works to finish off the inside of a house so another family can come home after Hurricanes Rita and Ike left them homeless.  The project I’m working on today is about a mile from the MDS Cameron project site.  Up and down the stretch of road you still see the ill effects from the hurricanes-FEMA trailers still housing families and battered, abandoned trailers just to name a few.  Remember Rita hit here September 24, 2005 and was the fourth-most intense Atlantic hurricane ever recorded!  About 80-90% of Cameron’s buildings were leveled.  And then just last year September 13, 2008 Hurricane Ike came onshore along the Texas coast, causing major flooding and damage here.  Anything that was built on the ground was destroyed-so you can imagine what the people here have been through.

Later today I’m excited to meet The Connor Family.  Their trailer was destroyed when Hurricane Rita struck in 2005.  In December 2008 they moved into their new house just in time for Christmas. What’s really exciting is that a Lancaster County Pennsylvania church helped the Conner’s move home.  Akron Mennonite participated in the new MDS Partnership Home Program where a church or group of churches sponsors the building of a house for a family who lost theirs to disaster.

The mission of MDS is to touch lives and help disaster survivors regain faith and wholeness and I am witnessing that this week. When I ask the short-term volunteers why they are here everyone has the same response-“It’s what Christ called us to do”.