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Seeing Compassion in Action

September 28th, 2010

Being here in Ethiopia with Compassion is truly opening up my eyes to so much.  Even with having participated in so many child sponsorship events and sponsoring a child myself, you’d think I’d be able to say that I understood what they are doing all over the world, but this trip is bringing it all into reality for me.

Some elements of Compassion’s approach to child development include being Christ Centered, Child focused, church based, and commited to integrity.  I honestly saw each of these things walked out today.

Christ Centered:  the children are learning about Jesus.  Families are learning about Jesus.   At the schools the children were singing songs about the Lord that they have learned along with valuable scripture and Bible lessons.   At the home visits,  I witnessed one mother share her faith that revolves around Jesus dying for her on the cross…and that his sacrifice gives her hope.   She was once a prostitute selling alcohol on the streets.   In another home where the family did not have true faith in Jesus, the Compassion International staff person with us took every opportunity to share Jesus with this woman that was possible.   We also had the chance to pray with her and her children.

Child Focused: We saw children receiving so much care and attention from the staff and volunteers.   The ministry at each center was to the children spiritually, physically, socially, and economically.  Children are cared for at these sites!  The care for their health needs, basic needs, skill sets, and need for love are all evident.

Church based:  We visited sites at both a Lutheran and a Pentecostal church.  The volunteers from the church give so much of themselves to these children.

Committed to Integrity: Records are kept meticulously.  We were able to look at specific childrens files and see the details of their involvement in the program from the beginning.

In our daily journeys I have seen so many children on the streets that would benefit from the ministry of Compassion.  There is an obvious difference in the light of hope and joy on the faces of the kids within the program vs the children begging on the street… even though they are all coming from the same neighborhoods and,  for the most part,  levels of poverty.  The love that comes from Jesus is being made manifest and that is what makes the difference.

I pray that my experiences here that I’m relaying back to you will lead to your deeper understanding of what is being done for these children.   There is such opportunity for many more children and in turn entire families coming to the knowledge of Jesus and receiving the loving care available to them through this ministry.   May we each listen to hear where God is telling us to lend a hand and get involved.   This ministry is a great place to start.

Stacey Gagne

Experiencing Compassion in Ethiopia

  1. September 28th, 2010 at 18:31 | #1

    Awesome report Stacey!

  2. Tim Shawgo
    September 28th, 2010 at 19:39 | #2

    Stacey would you be getting around the Awassa Genet Church Student Center? If you do could you give one of our sponsored kids some love and a big hug from Victoria and I? Timotious Yoseph is a smart and good looking lad of 10. Great name too don’t you think? Have a blessed time sister. We love you!

  3. September 29th, 2010 at 10:42 | #3

    I am so thrilled to see all of these Compassion posts on my google Alerts! Thanks for spreading the word about this amazing organization. Please, feel free to check out my compassion inspired blog! http://meeshimama.blogspot.com

  4. Rebah cole
    September 29th, 2010 at 14:31 | #4

    That’s so cool your with compassion it sound lime your having a
    lot of fun

    God bless

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